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Buzzer will sound at 95 minutes for all league games (7:35 for 6:00PM start, etc.).Teams will be allowed to complete the current end and one more end.  AT LEAST ONE ROCK MUST HAVE BEEN DELIVERED IN THE CURRENT END FOR IT TO BE CONSIDERED STARTED (In other words, if you have just completed the 6th end, the buzzer sounds, but no rocks have been thrown in the 7th end, only the 7th end will be played. This rule includes measurements.)

The buzzer is in place to keep the pace of play moving. If players are ready to shoot when it is their turn to play and Skips make decisions quickly, there should be no reason that an 8 end game cannot be completed in a two hour window. Any team that is reported to be intentionally delaying games to gain a time advantage will have game results subject to reversal by the Director of Curling and / or other FSCC Staff or Advisory Group members.


ALL ties at the completion of the game will be decided by a “Draw to the Button”. Each Skip will throw one shot, with sweeping, to the house. The opposing third will measure the distance from the button and will confirm the result with the throwing team’s third before moving the stone. All measurements should be measured to the nearest ¼ inch. A stone covering the pin is recorded as zero inches. Failure to stop a stone in the rings in recorded as 73 inches. Moving a stone prior to it being measured will be recorded as 73 inches. The win is awarded to the team winning the Draw to the Button. In the event of Draw to the Button ties (if both teams cover the button or the measurement is equal distance from the pin for both teams), teams will continue to throw the Draw to the Button until a winner can be determined. Sweeping is permitted only by the team delivering the Draw to the Button.