South Shore Sticks is a competitive girls lacrosse organization whose mission is to inspire, motivate and support young female players, both on and off the lacrosse field.
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Seeking Junior Lacrosse Coaches
& Program Assistants
Grades 8-12 or Adults

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Junior Coaches
Includes anywhere from 1-3 hours a week of assistant coach work for younger grades 1-4 mostly.
Junior Coaches can sign up for a time slot that fits their schedule ahead of time. Must be able to take direction from head coach for their assigned station, while maintaining high level of energy and enthusiasm for duration of practice.  Bold, *take charge*personalities thrive in this role. Pay is good!

Senior Coaches
Responsible for ensuring junior coaches follow proper coaching and practice guidelines.   Involved in designing practice plans, setting expectations for other coaches as well as acting as a central liaison for Head Coaches and Junior Coaches. Pay is great!

Program Assistants

Our program development team is responsible for a range of activities; and their contribution level dependent on their availability and interest. Pay grade depends on age and experience as well as the activity at hand. Activities include:
  • Beta test marketing materials collateral (clothing, gadgets, advertisements, ads, polls, web site activity, social media etc)
  • Hand out fliers at various events and not only get paid an hourly rate but also - $10 for every person who registers from their customized fliers.   The first person to refer 5 players gets $50 bonus.  The first to refer 10 players gets $100 bonus.  We will continue this referral program throughout the year with various incentives. We have tracking program that guarantees the original referrer receives proper credit
  • Experiment with a variety of viral marketing tactics both online and in real world.
  • Meet quarterly as team to brainstorm ideas, review each individuals efforts and reach agreement on coaching and development plans going forward
  • Pay for Referral program is directly proportion to the amount of time you put in. potential earnings are huge. Pay for general assistant work will coincide with your level of expertise and experience!