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Directors Cup

CYO recognizes schools for their overall athletic achievements as a sports program. In addition to the overall CYO Directors Cup standings, CYO also recognizes school rankings by region.


Director's Cup standings for 2018/19 Sports are included below.  For Regional standings, we have also highlighted points for Tier 3 schools as a new category: CCLA Cup.

Overall Standings




Final Director's Cup Complete Standings


Final Regional Director's Cup Complete Standings


Directors Cup Point System 2018/19


2019 Annual Award Winners:


Randy Davies AD of the Year: Vince Dileva - Holy Trinity (San Pedro)

Coach of the Year: Gabriel Guererro - St. Philip the Apostle (Pasadena)

Female Athlete of the Year: Saleen Marganian - St. Rita (Sierra Madre)

Male Athlete of the Year: Nolan Kelly - American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)

Alice Vogel Achievement: Monica Guereque - St. Gregory the Great (Whittier)



CYO annually present the Director's Cup Award to the School that ranks the highest in overall athletic achievement as a program.  Points are earned based on achievement in CYO Playoffs and Competition events.  At the CYO Awards Banquet, a school from each region will be honored as Regional Directors Cup Champion. The school with the highest overall point total will be presented as the CYO Director's Cup Champion.

Director's Cup Overall Winners

2019: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2018: St. Anastasia (Westchester)
2017: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2016: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2015: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2014: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2013: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2012: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2011: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2010: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2009: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2008: American Martyrs (Manhattan Beach)
2007: St. Jerome (Westchester)

Regional Winners

2019: North - St. Frances de Sales, South - St. Cornelius, East - St. Philip the Apostle, West - St. Catherine Laboure, CCLA - OLMM
2018: North - St. Brendan & St. Charles Borromeo, South - OLMM , East - St. Philip the Apostle, West - American Martyrs
2017: North - St. Charles Borromeo, South - Beatitudes, East -  OL Assumption, West - St. Anastasia
2016: North - St. Charles Borromeo, South - OL Fatima, East - St. Rita, West - St. Anastasia
2015: North - St. Rita, South - OL Fatima, East - OL Assumption, West - Holy Trinity (SP)
2014: North - Holy Family (So Pas), South - Beatitudes, East - St. Benedict
2013: North - Holy Family (So Pas), South - Beatitudes, East - OLHC
2012: North - Holy Family (So Pas), South - Beatitudes, East - OLMM