Building on the tradition and philosophy of the Westview High School Wolverine football program, the mission of the Wolverine Youth Football and Cheer (WYFC) is to promote a positive and safe environment that enables our youth to learn the fundame

Wolverine Cheer General Information

The goal of our cheer program is to inspire leadership on and off the field. Our program is focused on the traditional role of cheerleading. We believe cheerleaders play a very important role in the football games. Cheerleaders boost team spirit, promote good sportsmanship, develop good positive crowd involvement and help participants and spectators enjoy a worthwhile experience. We will provide a wholesome, enjoyable experience for the youth in our community. We will teach the fundamentals and techniques of cheerleading which include; cheers, motions, tumbling, stunting and dancing. 



Our cheer coaches are experienced volunteers who receive the support of our experienced advisors from All Star Cheer programs and Gymnastics programs. Although risk cannot be eliminated entirely, teaching progression drills and using a step by step approach in a “safety first” environment ensures a higher level of growth and safety for all participants. Our coaches are required to adhere to strict safety, coaching and equipment guidelines set forth by WYFC and AYF/AYC.



Wolverine Cheer will be fielding side-line cheer squads for children beginning at age 5 through 8th grade. Cheerleaders will be assigned to a squad according to their ages as of July 31st, 2017. Age cut off/birthday date: July 31
st means athlete must meet minimum or maximum age for their division by this date. In order to allow all interested athletes to participate, athletes may compete in an older age division ONLY if it is NOT possible to create a team in the division that corresponds to their age level.*Athletes may NOT compete in a younger age division without approval from AYC.
Division:               Age(s):                
8u                             5 - 8                                                         
10u                         8 - 10                                  
12u                         9 - 12                       
14u                       11 – 14                    



WYFC does its best to offer both Competitive and Non-Competitive cheer squad options. All our Wolverine cheer squads have the option of participating in the SDYFC cheer competition which is held near the end of the Fall season in San Diego. Some squads may be deemed Competitive squads and choose to participate in additional competitions of which costs will come from Team Funds collected separately. 

WYFC does not hold tryouts however Competitive Squad coaches reserve the right to determine the size and members of their cheer squad.



The cheer registration fee includes some of the following items;

A spirit pack used for practice which will include a T-shirt and shorts, game day and breast cancer awareness bows, game poms and use of breast cancer awareness poms during the month of October.

The fees also include some of the following events;

Practice fields both outdoor at Westview HS or related schools and indoor for competition squads during the months of September and October leading up to the local competition, Pre-season cheer clinic in July (dates TBD), and registration in the SDYFC Youth Cheer Competition in San Diego. 


**Registration fees do NOT include the cheerleading uniform (see below)



The cheerleader’s uniform package is in addition to registration fees and purchased separately upon attending our uniform fitting in early June and is YOURS TO KEEP. The cheerleaders will be individually fitted to ensure the best fit possible.  The uniforms will be delivered during the first week or so of practice.

WYFC has a Uniform Purchase Program.  Many youth cheer organizations in Southern California are making this choice based on several criteria. We understand that children in the 5-13yr age range tend to outgrow uniforms or may choose to take off a season and for such a reason, the Purchase Program will include uniform Buy-Back and Exchange options.  At the beginning of a new season, when applicable, families will have a mechanism to sell or exchange their gently used uniforms at a discounted rate to players in need of a uniform. 

A basic package is approximately $200.00 (can vary)

If you need further information please contact our Cheer Director at