The South Shores Premier Baseball Facility

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                                                      Private Lesson Packages      

One-on-One private baseball and softball lessons are offered year round. Our staff of professional instructors can help you develop your individual skills with specific training geared towards your individual abilities and needs. Lessons will help each player have a better understanding of the mechanics and their personal flaws so that they can self teach themselves in games and competitive situations. Taking private lessons with a member of our staff will also lead to more self confidence.

Lesson Pricing 

       *   1  Single  Lesson - Member   $40.00       *     Non - Member    $45.00
       *   6   Lesson Bundle - Member  $222.00     *     Non - Member   $252.00
       *  10  Lesson Bundle - Member  $360.00     *     Non - Member   $390.00
                                     New For 2018 -  1 Hour Video Lessons
    *  Lesson is recorded. The Instructor will then 
dissect and analysis your mechanics in any discipline with a discussion on players weaknesses and strengths.
    *  Lessons are emailed to player for future reference and comparison.
    *  Lessons are 1 Hour in Length and 
pre-registration is required. 
    *  Video lessons cannot be scheduled on line. Please call for appointment.
    *  1 Hour Lesson - $100.00        

Private lessons are available for the following disciplines:

  • Hitting
  • Infield Play
  • Pitching
  • Catching
  • Base Running

                         Private lesson details:

  • Lesson packages are available in 6 and 10 lesson bundles.
  • All lessons are 1/2 hour in length.
  • 1 Hour lesson = 2 lessons.
  • All Lessons must be scheduled via the On Line Scheduling System
  • Players can use multiple lessons from their package on the same day if desire.
  • Siblings can share the same lesson package
  • Lessons do not expire.