Western Little League, Cardinal Run Park, Lexington,KY

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Operations Manual

The WLL Board of Directors is guided by a manual to perform league operations. The manual includes information about league and district officials, volunteers approval process, code of conduct, role of the Player Agent, player draft process, local division rules, all-stars teams selection process, and general safety issues mandated by Little League Baseball. Click HERE to access the manual. 



General Player Draft Rules

Parents usually have questions about our league's player draft process. The Intermediate, Minors, and Rookie Divisions currently use this process to select players to teams. Its objective is to create teams that are equal in skill level and age in order to create parity, broaden quality coaching, and increase competition across each respective division. Below are general rules that apply to the draft process.

League Age Restrictions (league age is determined by how old a player is as of August 31 of the year):

  • 12- and 13-year-olds must play in Intermediate
  • 11-year-olds must try out for Intermediate but will play in Minors if undrafted or for safety reasons
  • 10-year-olds must play in Minors
  • 9-year-olds must try out for Minors but will play in Rookie if undrafted or for safety reasons
  • 8-year-olds may try out for Minors but will play in Rookie if undrafted
  • 7-year-olds must try out for Rookie but will play in Teeball if undrafted or for safety reasons
  • 6-year-olds may try out for Rookie but will play in Teeball if undrafted
  • 5-year-olds may play in Teeball or Weeball depending on their skill level
  • 4-year-olds may play in Teeball or Weeball depending on their skills
  • 3-year-olds must be play in Weeball
  1. Any 13-year-old new to WLL must be drafted and cannot be a recruit (new player to the league; teams can have a maximum of two recruits).
  2. Awarding of teams to new coaches to the division will be done by "hat pick."
  3. Maximum of seven players per age group to a team for teams with 11 players total, or eight players per age group to a team with 12 players total.
  4. Any returning player to a division, for any reason, will be granted the right to reenter the draft, but he/she may not be selected by the same team from the previous spring season.
  5. Siblings will automatically be placed on the same team unless otherwise specified by their parents/guardians.
  6. An expansion team may be created due to additional player registrations that require an additional team to be added beyond the number of teams from the previous spring season. Such teams will get one pre-draft selection ("zero pick") and then be placed at the beginning of the draft before existing teams.
  7. The order of team selections in every round will go in reverse order of their regular season finish the prior spring season. 
  8. A Head Coach may not choose a new Assistant Coach as long as his previous Assistant Coach's child is still on that team. Any NEW Head Coach may pick his own Assistant Coach, and t does not matter if the previous year's Assistant Coach and/or child are still on the team. 
  9. Each team will get a first and second round draft choice. However, an Assistant Coach's child, a recruit, or a sibling may constitute one of these choices as determined by the evaluation process.
  10. Returning players will be slotted beginning in the fourth round and continue in subsequent rounds until all returning players are slotted.
  11. A Head Coach's child will be slotted as the third round pick for the team.
  12. Siblings of a drafted player will be placed in the next subsequent round.
  13. Any recruited player that does not attend player evaluations will automatically be placed as a first round draft pick (or highest round available). 
  14. Players who do not attend evaluations will be assigned to a team by pulling their names from a hat in draft order, regardless as to whether coaches know them and would like to draft them. 


Weeball and Teeball Player Placement Policies

WLL honors coach or team requests in Weeball and Teeball, when possible. The Teeball Coordinator also considers the age composition of teams to place players and utilizes his/her best discretion in the best interests of all players and teams in the division.