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Initially you'll be spending some time at your computer but the rewards will be great!

You'll find listed here some links to sofware packages that will help you as a coach.  The most useful to most of you will be the drill drawing and practice planning software.  There are several competing packages all with their pros and cons, check them out and find out what works best for you.

Failure to plan every aspect of your season will not result in season failure, it will however result in less progression for your players.  Planning and goal setting are important aspects of your job as a coach.  X's and O's is only about 15% of your job.  These software packages will make that 15% much quicker and easier.  Some of the software packages below also include extensive team management and statistics modules. 

"I personally recommend is Drill Draw Pro.  Version 5 is available for download and you can demo the software before you purchase it.  I've been beta testing Version 5 since late July and I can say that it blows away anything else that I've used.  I really appreciate the software developer because they've been very quick to include feature requests.  Contact me with questions or to get an export of my drill and practice plan database.   " - Dash 





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