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Information for the 2016 Board Elections

Below is the slate of candidates running for the Timberwolves board for the 2016 season.  

Several candidates submitted bios for their candidacy.


President (2 year term)
Chris Courtney


Vice President (2 year Term)

Bryan Grinde

Treasurer (2 year term)
Nicole Akers

Secretary (2 year Term)

Mike Schultze


Director of Football Operations (2 year term)
Mike Glick


Director of Big 10/MAC/WAC 10 Football (1 year term)

Honario Diaz


Director of PAC 10 Football (1 year term)
Nick Wilson

Director of Flag Football (1 year term)

Chris RuBert

Director of Cheer (2 year term)

Helena Hernquist

Director of Lacrosse Operations (2 year term)

Tim Ryan


Director of Fields & Equipment (2 year term)

Jason Ventura


Director of Concessions (1 year term)
Jason Ventura


Director of Special Events (1 year term)