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Are you interested in becoming a regular season referee with Newtown Soccer Club? If you are already certified in the state of CT, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form. You will then be contacted for further information and assignment details. If you are not yet certified, check out www.ctreferee.net for certification information. Once you are certified, fill out the contact form.
All Referees must complete the updated contact form for Spring 2021. CLICK HERE to fill out the contact form
Referee Assignor:
Name Number E-Mail
Michael Gajdosik (203) 868-5854


Referee Information Packet:

Click here to download the Spring 2021 Packet. - We are all excited to get back out on the field. As new information is finalized and known, it will be shared. Once that occurs, it will be up to you to decide if you want to make yourself available as a referee.


Scheduling Games:

Submit your availability by midnight Sunday for the upcoming weekend. Games assigned must be accepted within 24 hours of assignment notification. If a game is declined, please email the assignor with a reason, immediately. Failure to do so will result in not being assigned future games.

"On-Call", "Referee Needed" and games scheduled Tues-Thursday will be sent out via the Slack App.

Click on the date range below to go to the Availability Form for that weekend:

April 9 - 12

April 16 - 19

April 23 - 26

April 30 - May 3

May 7 - 10

May 14 - 17

May 21 - 24

May 28 - 31

June 4 - 7

June 11 - 14

June 18 - 21


Weather Cancelations:


  • If fields are closed, there will be an email and text sent out by Newtown Parks & Rec, and a notice posted on the Newtown Parks & Rec page. You need to sign up for these cancellation notices. The Newtown Soccer Club website does not automatically update for field closures. If Parks & Rec closes the fields prior to your arrival time, you will not be paid.
  • If you are at the field and the game is called after the scheduled start time, then you will be paid in full.

Referee Fees:
Referees will be paid bi-weekly through ArbiterPay. All referees must submit a W9 to the Referee Assignor prior to being scheduled for any games.

NSC - Referee Pay Rates (last revision Spring 2018)
Rec / Rec-Plus Travel CT Cup
u10 center 35 u9 - 10 center 45 u11 - 13 center 55
u10 a/r 20 u9 - 10 a/r 25 u11 - 13 a/r 35
u14 center 45 u11 - 13 center 55 u15 - 16 center 65
u14 a/r 25 u11 - 13 a/r 35 u15 - 16 a/r 40
5/6 - 7/8 center 45 u15 - 16 center 65 u19 center 70
5/6 - 7/8 a/r 25 u15 - 16 a/r 40 u19 a/r 45
HS Center 55 u19 center 70 u11-12 semi/quarter final center 65
HS a/r 35 u19 a/r 45 u11-12 semi/quarter final a/r 45
Grade 8 (Grassroots) rates listed above u13-19 semi/quarter final center 70
Grade 6/7 +$10 per game u13-19 semi/quarter final a/r 50





General Information - Travel and Recreation:

  • Upon arrival at the field please be dressed in the official referee jersey, official black shorts, and official black referee socks. You must have your current referee patch and have the alternate referee jersey.
  • Come prepared with a stopwatch, flags and a whistle.
  • Before each game, check that goals and nets are secure.
  • Introduce yourself to both coaches.
  • Spectators are to be on one side of the field; players and a maximum of 2 coaches and a trainer on the opposite side. Spectators are not allowed behind the goal lines.
  • Remember that you earned your referee certification and you are in charge of the game.
  • You are expected to move with the ball throughout the game.
  • BLOW YOUR WHISTLE LOUD AND CLEAR. You made the call. Make sure everyone knows. Guide the players to understand the call.
  • You are expected to conduct yourself in a calm, professional and courteous manner.
  • The coaches are responsible for the conduct of themselves, their players and their parents. If a coach or parent issue persists, you are to first stop the game and call both coaches to the middle of the field and explain the issue. Ensure the coach speaks to the appropriate party to resolve the issue. If any coach continues with unsportsmanlike or abusive behavior after you have given him/her a verbal warning, you may decide to call the game. ANY such issues should be reported to the Referee Assignor.
  • If a parent confronts or verbally abuses you, walk away and speak to the appropriate coach about the parent's behavior. ANY such issues should be reported to the Referee Assignor.
  • Rough or over aggressive play should be called - we do not want any players to get hurt!
  • Mentors and assessors will attend games throughout the year to monitor and assist referees.
  • Annual recertification is required and is done online.

Useful Resources:
Connecticut State Referee Program

Referee grades explained