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Team Policies


  • All players are welcome to attend our open fall assessments
  • Players who are cut will be informed by email
  • Players who are selected for the next set of tryouts will be informed by email (if
  • necessary)
  • Registration
  • All players must be registered online at www.byronsoccer.ca and must be up to date on
  • their payments unless they have notified the club and alternate arrangements have been
  • made for payment
  • Players who have either registered or paid but not both will not be registered to their
  • particular team by the club registrar
  • Anyone who knowingly falsifies information on their registration application may lead to
  • immediate expulsion from the club

Coaches and Managers

  • Coaches are appointed by the club
  • Parents interested in coaching must approach the club, fill out an application to make their
  • intentions known
  • Managers are volunteers, please treat them kindly and with respect as you would expect
  • others to treat you

Relevant Club Policies

  • Please refer to your handouts from the Coach/Parent meetings before the season to familiarize yourself with all guidelines and policies

Dress Code

  • All players are to wear their appropriate club wear when travel to and from games
  • Players should wear their club wear with pride as they are representatives of the club
  • Players who have lost any of their mandatory club wear must replace these items at their own cost

Playing Time

  • As outlined in the coach/parent meetings at the beginning of the season
  • Playing time is at the discretion of the coach (U13 and above)
  • Playing time should be evened out over the course of the season (U12 and below)

Codes of Conduct

  • Please refer to the codes of conduct on occasion to ensure participants within the club are aware of all expectations
  • If you have misplaced your codes of conduct, you can email info@byronsoccer.ca for another copy or refer to your club website