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Code of Conduct for Players

The following code of conduct is designed to enhance and support player development under the Byron Soccer Academy program. It will be the responsibility of players, families and coaching staff to ensure these are adhered to as we strive to maintain a professional image in our soccer community.

As a Player I will:

  1. Ensure that I arrive on time to all games and training sessions.

  2. Wear the assigned uniform.

  3. Respect officials and the decisions they make.

  4. Understand the rules of the game.

  5. Listen and follow instructions of coaching staff.

  6. Respect my teammates and opponents at all times.

  7. Not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or negative communication with players, coaching staff or families of the opposing team.

  8. Maintain a positive attitude during all games and training sessions.

  9. Immediately report any injury to coaching staff.

  10. Ensure proper nutrition and rest prior to games and training sessions.

  11. Manage time to ensure there are no conflicts with games and training sessions.

  12. Never use vulgar or profane language.

  13. Not engage in negative comments towards players or teams through any social networking sites

I have read and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and acknowledge that any breach of the above may be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension and expulsion from Byron Soccer.