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The objectives of the Ridgefield Jaguars League are to:

1. Develop each individual's hockey skills to the best of his or her ability and desire;

2. Develop the skills, attitudes and behavior for effective team play;

3. To foster the appreciation and enjoyment of hockey as a recreational sport;

4. To make participation in the hockey program enjoyable.


The fundamental basis for team play is parity. Each coach has received line assignments for his players to one of three lines (1st, 2nd, 3rd), with players of like ability levels on each line. Each team has been assigned approximately of 5 1st liners, 5 2nd liners, and 5 3rd liners. These assignments are based on our original evaluations. As the season progresses, coaches will need to reassess the line assignments in light of players’ skill development. Any and all line assignment changes should be done in writing or email to Kathy Ludwig so we can make all coaches aware of the changes and prevent disputes prior to the start of games.


In games, the 1st  line players of each team will play against each other, 2nd  against 2nd d , 3rd  against 3rd  .  Thus each player will play at least 10-12 minutes each game (more if fewer kids show up for the game), and be competing against players of his or her own ability. This helps to further the development and enjoyment of each player.

PLEASE NOTE: START EACH GAME WITH YOUR 3rd  LINE 3rd 2nd 1st;  3rd,  2nd ,  1st,: 3rd,  2nd ,  1st     is rotation for each period.


Players should experience each position and should not be relegated to a particular position. This is particularly true in Mites. Players should not play less that then full share of time because of positions at any age level. For example, it is wrong to play someone less than full share because he is a "right wing," and the team has too many players who want to play right wing. Shift the player to a different position. The same applies to defensemen!  Do not “double shift” defensemen and short “forwards of playing time.  Move a forward(s) to defense for the game.


If there are not enough 1st line players at a particular game, or one of your 1st liners is playing goalie, move your strongest 2nd line player to the first line for the entire game. If you are short on second line players, move your strongest 3rd  line player up for the entire game - DO NOT PLAY A FIRST LINER DOWN.   If you are short 3rd liners, move your weakest 2nd  line player down for the entire game.


If one team only has enough players for 2 lines, then the other team must also play 2 lines - see attached schedule. The reason is to avoid the 1st line players of one team playing against the 3rd  line player of the other team.


When players play down, they must play defense.  Any goal scored by players playing down will not count unless the player is shooting from the blue line back


The general advice for coaches is to discuss any special circumstances before the game and work out any

necessary adjustments between themselves.


In Mites, coaches should try to give everyone a chance to play goalie. Goalies should be switched every game (i.e. no one plays goalie twice in a row). In Squirts, no one should play goalie more than twice in a row, In PeeWees and Bantams, you may play the same goalie for all games. If your goalie is a first line player, remember to move your strongest 2nd line player on to the first line.


Lines are changed every 2 minutes. It is suggested that if a face-off takes place with only a few seconds left before a scheduled line change, the line change take place instead of the face off.  For PeeWees and Bantams, line changes may be made "on the fly" after December if both coaches agree - just make sure to inform the ref and the timekeeper. Of course, every effort must be made to give players equal playing time.


The time limit for ALL games is 1 hour. You will have 2 minutes for warm-ups prior to the start of the game. If your team is not on the ice on time, or they are slow to make a line switch, you will lose valuable time for your game. No overtime will be permitted in the event of a tie. If the game is running long, you will be asked to play running time for part of the third period. DO NOT ARGUE, it only wastes more time.

Both teams should have a parent in the timekeeper's box during games, with joint responsibility to fill out the score sheet, and operate the clock.  Children are NOT permitted in the time/scorekeepers box and are not allowed to run the clock. Scoresheets (found in the bin outside the locker room entrance) must be filled out for each game and turned into the office.


Only team members are permitted on the ice or in the players' benches. Brothers and sisters, cousins, best

friends, etc, are not team members.


MOUTH GUARDS are required for all players, including goalie, in PeeWees and Bantams; and are strongly advised for Mites & Squirts. A minor penalty will be given to any player in PeeWees and Bantams who does not have his or her mouth guard on when on the ice. Coaches, please check all of your players prior to the start of the game.


NECK GUARDS are required for all players, Mites through Bantams.


THE REF IS IN CHARGE OF THE GAME. Per USA Hockey rules, he/she will penalize a team for poor

conduct  by players, coaches and/or parents. Please remember that refs are human, too. We set a poor example (and risk penalties) by criticizing the ref.


Slap shots are not permitted in Mites & Squirts. Checking is not permitted in Mites, Squirts or PeeWees


If you have any questions, please give me a call or email. I want to thank all of you for volunteering your valuable time to help coach our aspiring athletes.


Kathy Ludwig

203-438-4423 ext 101 - rink

203-247-3270 cell weekdays

203-762-5356 home - for emergencies only please

kmludwig@optonline.net home email

kathy@wintergardenarena.com rink email




The goal this year is for all teams and coaches to cooperate with each other, not only in practices, but also in games.  If you have all of your players present, and the opposing team is short to the point of forcing two line play, lend them a couple of your players at the appropriate line.  This gives all players more ice time, and will make for better games.  We will keep extra appropriate solid colored jerseys outside of the office for this purpose.  Please be sure to return them after the game.


SQUIRTS:  You all have teams of 13-14 players.  We would like to see three line play – most kids at this age do show up for games.  However, you will need to rotate players equally from line to line, either up or down.  We ask that you be as fair as possible, and under no circumstances can a first line player play on the 3rd line.  Players playing down a line must play defense













Rules for Line Play – Squirt through Bantam

Determine the number of skaters (excluding goalie) for each team.

1. If each team has 13 or more skaters, then three lines will be played.

2. If either team has fewer than 13 skaters, then two lines will be played.

3. Any team with less than 8 players must forfeit game.

Three Line Play

# of Skaters                 Line                             PlayerslLine                 Comments                              

17                                1st line                         5 skaters

2nd line                        6 skaters                      equal rotation

3rd line                         6 skaters                      equal rotation


16                                1st line                         5 skaters                     

2nd line                        5/6 skaters                   equal rotation

3rd line                         5/6 skaters                   equal rotation


15                                1st line                         5 skaters

2nd line                        5 skaters

3rd line                         5 skaters


14                                1st line                         5 skaters

2nd line                        4 skaters                      rotate 3rd line players equally

3rd line                         5 skaters                      on 2nd line


13                                1st line                         5 skaters                      rotate 1st line players to 2nd line

2nd line                        4 skaters                      defense.  Rotate 2nd line players

3rd line                         4 skaters                      3rd line defense


12  SQUIRTS ONLY   1st line                        4 skaters                      Equal rotation of ALL players

                                    2nd line                         4 skaters                      either up one line or down (defense) one line

                                    3rd line                         4 skaters                      BASED on players ability.


Two Line Plav

16                                1st line                         8 strongest skaters        equal rotation

2nd line                        8 skaters                       equal rotation


15                                1st line                         7 skaters                      15th skater – 3 shifts on 1st

2nd line                        7 skaters                      line & 3 shifts on 2nd line each period.


14                                1st line                          7 strongest skaters        equal rotation

                                    2nd line                         7 skaters                      equal rotation


13                                1st line                          6 strongest skaters        equal rotation

                                    2nd line                         7 skaters                      equal rotation


12                                1st line/2nd line             6 skaters each              6 strongest skaters on 1st line

11                                1st line/2nd line             5/6 skaters                  

10                                1st line/2nd line             5 skaters each

 9                                 1st line/2nd line             5/4 skater                     rotate 1st line players to 2nd line defense

8                                  1stline/2nd line              4/4 skaters each           rotate 2nd liners equally to first; rotate

                                                                                                            1st liners equally to 2nd line defense