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Lacrosse is an exciting sport for both Boys and Girls that requires equipment to play the game (lacrosse stick or "crosse") as well as maintain player safety (helmet, pads, and gloves for boys; goggles for girls).  At CYA Lacrosse we do our best to provide our families with a reasonably priced alternative to purchasing boys equipment by offering a rental option. Boys equipment rentals and returns take place at the "CYA Shed" during scheduled sessions. The shed is located near the corner of West Ox Rd / Bennett Rd at:

12490 Bennett Rd
Herndon, VA 20171

(link to map http://bit.ly/2ibLOWz)

It is at this location that CYA Lacrosse has a limited amount of boys equipment available for rent.  Rental costs can vary based on player age-group (see Boys Season Details) however families with multiple players requiring rentals will receive a 50% discounted price for each additional rental.  

Boys Lacrosse Equipment Available for Rent includes:

- Lacrosse Helmet (Cascade)
- Lacrosse Shoulder Pads (various)
- Lacrosse Arm Pads and Arm Guards (various)
- Lacrosse Gloves (various)

* Additional boys equipment NOT offered to rent includes lacrosse stick and mouthpiece, these must be purchased.



For the 2020 Spring Lacrosse season CYA Lacrosse has coordinatd with StringKing Lacrosse to provide their equipment at a discounted cost to our families.  As a result of this relationship CYA Lacrosse has several StringKing Complete Jr ($55) and Original ($78) on hand and can secure more for our families who are interested.  These products are being sold by CYA Lacrosse AT COST for the prices cited above, which is lower than you will find them at your local "Big Box" stores.  Although cheaper sticks can be found out there, our coaches have found that the StringKing Complete stick lineup is exceptional and using a quality stick does eliminate the frustration that comes from trying to play with a poor stick and string-job.  

Lastly for those families looking for custom dying/stringing CYA Lacrosse does know a number of local options, so feel free to inquire.  Send your inquiries to info@cyalax.org.



Girls Lacrosse Equipment;

Due to the custom nature of lacrosse goggles, CYA does not rent this piece of equipment, but they can be purchased for about $20 at local sporting goods stores or online.  Sticks and mouthpieces are also required.


Additional equipment options exist both locally as well as online.  The following is only a short listing of those you may find useful: 

Dick's Sporting Goods  (Fair Lakes and online at www.dickssportinggoods.com)    

Lax World  (Gainesville and online at www.laxworld.com)   

Lacrosse Unlimited  (Vienna, Alexandria, and online at www.lacrosseunlimited.com)

SportStop.com  (online at www.sportstop.com)