The Riverside High School Athletic Booster Club is committed to providing student-athletes at Riverside High School the very best facilities, equipment, protection and opportunities. We raise funds for uniforms, training equipment and team support.

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Riverside High School

Athletic Championships, Awards & Recognition

State Championships

Men's Lacrosse:                    1998, 1999, 2001, 2002
Volleyball                             1998, 2001
Wrestling                              1998, 1999
Individual                             2014-NCHSAA 4A 160lb Wrestling State Champion, Jaquon Sowell

Regional Championships

Football                                 2006
Men's Lacrosse                      1998, 1999, 2001, 2002
Volleyball                              1998, 1999, 2001 
Wrestling                         1998, 1999

PAC 6 /Triangle 6 Conference Championships

Baseball:                               2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014                                 
Football:                               2018
Golf:                                     2013
Men's Lacrosse:                   1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005
Volleyball:                            2010, 2011, 2013
Women's Basketball             2000, 2002, 2015 
Wrestling:                             2007, 2009, 2014, 2015


PAC 6 Tournament Championships
Men's Lacrosse:                     1998, 1999, 2004
PAC 6 All-Conference Recognition, Spring 2013

Coach of the Year — Doug Simmons
Player of the Year — Jonathan “Bub” Deluca

Pitcher — Blake Morgan and Cameron Snow
Catcher — Jake Kusz
Infield — Jonathan “Bub” Deluca and Cameron Snow
Outfield — Blake Morgan and Kory Behenna?

Coach of the Year — Ben Huffman

Newt Barringer
Carson Hunt
Joe Jongkind
Alex Brese

MENS' LACROSSE (Conference 4)
Attack — C.J. Carpenter and Spencer Anderson
Defense — Jacob Eller. Honorable mention — Ben Harrison and Luke Beauchaine
Midfield — Jake Penningar and Will Burton

 Women's SOCCER
Tori NewnamKayla Hudson, Christine DeVries
Honorable mention — Eliza Butts, Scotia Daniels, Amanda Pasca, Robin Lowe-Skillern.

Kia Smith, Lindsey Wiggins, Ashley James, McKenzie Green, Chacha Moye.
Honorable mention — Chelsea Garrett, Danielle Kelly.

SINGLES — George Cooke 

DOUBLES — Ben Evans/Josh Evans

All-Conference (by event)
Atlanta Woodall

200 — Atlanta Woodall
400 — Sharyah Bethea

All-Conference (by event)

Shot put — B.J. Aanite
Triple jump — Marqueless Goldston
100 — Darius Smiley

200 — Darius Smiley
800 — Josh Moore
PAC 6 All-Conference Recognition, Fall 2013

Player of the Year: Joel Evans
All PAC-6 Offense: Diante Strothers, Joel Evans, Darryl Smith, Deon Yarborough, Steven Perry, Garrison Weaver, Patrick Volk, Demund Timberlake
All PAC-6 Defense: Patrick Volk, Jawwad Evans, James Vample, Darryl Smith, Cameron RoaneJuwan Willaims, Stephan Jacobs
All PAC-6 Special Teams: P Micah Goodwin, K Micah Goodwin


Player of the Year: Casey Speer
Coach of the Year; Mike Hodge
All PAC-6: Yakima Clifton, Mone' Jones, Zariya Thomas, Casey Speer, Victoria Pearce

Cross Country
All PAC-6: John Haase, Leland McDonald

Women's Tennis
All PAC-6: Leland McDonald, Emily Danes, Shelby Barnhill

Men's Soccer
All PAC-6: Cam McNeil, Jake MacMillan, Samuel Carrell, Bryan Navarro, Blake Berry, Danny Brossart, Alexis Vanegas

Field Hockey
All PAC-6; Nekessa Schutte, Morgan Whithaus, Schuyler Wright, Bonnie Hansley, Emily Mitchell

PAC 6 All-Conference Recognition, Winter 2013
Men's Basketball
All PAC 6: Joey Cabrera, Markeise Crutchfield,
Honorable mention: Justin Johnson and Erik Peaks
PAC 6 Champion--Riverside
PAC 6 Coach of the Year: Brandon Palmer
126 weight class: Asante Boler
138 weight class: Johnathon Davenport
152 weight class: Nick Hurley
160 weight class: Jaquan Sowell
195 weight class: Araad Serrami
285 weight class: Gary Whitaker
Men's Swimming
Diver of the Year: Aaron Daniels-Freeman
200 IM: Josh Riggsbee
50 free: Harry Schrickx
1 meter diving: Aaron Daniels-Freeman
400 free relay: Riverside Team (Harry Schrickx, Walker Matthews, Matthew McCullen and Josh Riggsbee)
Women's Basketball
All PAC 6: Mone Jones and Yakima Clifton
Honorable mention: Atlanta Woodall and Kiara Jacobs
Women's Swimming
Diver of the Year: Hannah Glisson
200 free relay: Sophie McNeill
100 meter diving: Hannah Glisson
500 free relay: Sophie McNeill
PAC 6 All-Conference Recognition, Spring 2014

Coach of the Year — Doug Simmons
Co-Player of the Year — Kory Behenna

Pitcher —Kory Behenna,  Honorable Mention--Will Hibbard and Blake Morgan
Catcher — Micah Goodwin
Infield — Jonathan Rhew, Cory Crabtree, and Joe Wood
Outfield — Ben Huffman and Kory Behenna,  Honorable Mention--Dalton Bass
Utility--Blake Morgan

Harry ( Junior) Schrickx
Campbell Rand

Jared Overstreet

MENS' LACROSSE (Conference 4)

Attack — C.J. Carpenter
Defense — Phillip Jones
Midfield — Joseph O'Keeffe

Long Stick Midfieder--Honorable Mention--Danny Brossart
Goalie--Honorable Mention--Justin Tedder


Women's Soccer

Eliza Butts, Ellen McAdams and Kathryn Thacker

Honorable mention — Marie Muir, Lexi Newnan, Caarly Davis, and Alexa Dellinger

McKenzie Green and Jarilyn Johnson

SINGLES — Josh Evans      Honorable Mention--George Cooke 

DOUBLES — Rob Sears and George Cook

Atlanta Woodall--PAC 6 Conference MVP-Girls Track

All-Conference (by event)
100 M Dash--Atlanta Woodall

200 M Dash--Atlanta Woodall
400 M Dash— Atlanta Woodall

100 M Hurdles--Kamay Cummings

1600 M Run--Leland McDonal

3200 M Run--Leland McDonald

4 x 100 Relay--Brenee Brown, Aireal Clark, Kiera Jacobs, and Atlanta Woodall

4 x 200 Relay--Brenee Brown, Aireal Clark, Kiera Jacobs, and Taz O'Neal

All-Conference (by event)

Triple jump — Jonathon Davenport
100 M Dash— Marquee Burton

200 M Dash— Marquee Burton

400 M Dash--Jahmon Allen

1600 M Run--Jack McAdams
3200 M Run--Jack McAdams


PAC 6 All-Conference Recognition, Fall 2014
Congratulations to all of the Riverside Pirates who earned all conference honors for Fall 2014:

Defensive Lineman of the Year: Justin Thomas

All PAC-6 Offense: Diante Strothers, Deon Yarborough, Tyrek Davis, Juwan Parker, Dianta McQuig, Honorable Mention--Chris Gamble and Dorian Burton

All PAC-6 Defense: Marquee Burton, Jaquan Sowell,  Justin Thomas, Joran Riley, and Marcus Willaby,  Honorable Mention--Jeremiah Davis and Jacob Bierman,

All PAC-6 Special Teams: Honorable Mention--Johnson Carbucia and Deion Yarborough

All PAC-6: Yakima Clifton, Rachel Kallianos, Deidre Logan, and Emma McClintock,  Honorable Mention--Animata Johnson

Cross Country
All PAC-6: John Haase, Ceara Gannon

Women's Tennis
All PAC-6: Lauren Laughton, Sophie Bischoff, and Rebecca Koweek,  Doubles--Lauren Laughton-Sophie Bischoff

Men's Soccer

All PAC-6: Jake MacMillan, Bryan Navarro, Joe Wood, David McSwain, and Jose Enamorado,---Honorable Mention--Blake Berry, Addison Oliver, Daniel Cabrera, and Eric Garcia

Field Hockey

All PAC-6; Nekessa Schutte, Morgan Whithaus, Madison NIchting, Samatha Lambros, and Grace Sanders,--Honorable Mention--Katie Ringer, Emily Korest, and Cailyn O'Mary


PAC 6 All Conference Athletes—Winter 2014


Swimming and Diving

Diver of the Year—Men—Aaron Daniels-Freeman

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle-- Sophie McNeill

Boys 200 Yard IM-- Josh Rigsbee

Boys 1 mtr Diving-- Aaron Daniels-Freeman

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle-- Sophie McNeill

Boys 100 Yard Breaststroke-- Josh Rigsbee



106 – Ryan Greenblatt

113 – Noah Jacobs

126 – Raekwon Hicks

132 – Asante  Boler

138 – Gabriel Walker

152 – Christopher Whitaker

160 – Armani Walker

170 – Jaquon Sowell

182 – Abduarruf Muhammad

195 – Araad Sarrami

200 – Frank Adams

Heavyweight – Gary Whitaker

Coach of the Year – Brandon Palmer
Player of the Year – Jaquon Sowell


Women’s Basketball-- Mone’ Jones, Zaria Rogers, Atlanta Woodall

Honorable Mention—Yakima Clifton

Coach of Year—Alicia Jones


Men’s Basketball-- Markeise Crutchfield, Justin Johnson, Eric Peaks Jr.

Honorable Mention-- C J Carpenter, Jordan Riley


PAC 6 All Conference Spring 2015


Men’s Tennis


Josh Evans

Zach Kim

Honorable Mention:

Justin Mofield

Zach Balleison


Josh Evans-Zach Kim




 Jonathan Rhew


 Ben Huffman


 Mason Dwinnell

 Chris Crabtree


 Joe Wood


Women’s Soccer:                                                                                      

 Ellen McAdams                                           

 Kathryn Thacker                                           

 Marie Muir

 Alexa Dellinger

Honorable Mention:

 Lexi Newnam

Catherine Fishback



Jared Overstreet

Campbell Rand

Connor Moore


Womens Lacrosse:

Cassidy Leovic

Maygan Payne

Olivia Rostgni

Ashlet Cruz- Honorable Mention


Men’s Lacrosse:

Attack -
1st Team – CJ Carpenter
Honorable Mention

 Andre Christian

2nd Team – Addison Oliver

Honorable Mention

 Joseph O’Keefe

Honorable Mention

 Jacob Anderson

Offensive Player of the Year

CJ Carpenter


Track and Field:

3200 M Run:

John Haase

Leland MacDonald

Ceara Gannon

Honorable Mention:

Jack McAdams


4 x 400 Relay:

Riverside (Men)

Riverside (Women)


Honorable Mention:

Brenna Brown

Long Jump:

Honorable Mention:

Kayla Saunders

Triple Jump:

Atlanta Woodall

Honorable Mention:

Shayla Moody


4x100 Relay:

Riverside (Women)

400 M Dash:

Jahmon Allen

Keyonna Johnson

300 Hurdles:

Honorable Mention:

Abria Reddish


800 M Run:

Honorable Mention:

Leland MacDonald

200 M Dash:

Atlanta Woodall

Honorable Mention:

Marquee Burton

4x800 Relay:

Honorable Mention:

Riverside (Men)

Riverside (Women)

110 Hurdles:

Kayla Saunders

100 M Dash:

Atlanta Woodall

Honorable Mention:

Marquee Burton

4x200 Relay:

Riverside (Women)

Honorable Mention:

Riverside (Men)

1600 M Run:

Leland MacDonald

Honorable Mention:

Jack McAdams

Ceara Gannon


Women’s Track—Atlanta Woodall


$500  RHS Booster Club College Scholarships

2015: Marie Muir (Women's Soccer) and Deon Yarborough (Football)
2014: Eliza Butts (Women's Soccer) and Joey Cabrera (Men's Basketball)
2013: Dani Lee (Women's Lacrosse, Cheerleader) and Ericson Escalante (Men's Soccer) 
2012: Susanna Mathew (Women's Soccer) and Zachary Keplinger (Football, Track & Field)

Riverside Booster Club Coach of the Year
2015: Alicia Jones (Women's Basketball)
2014: Toppy Green (Men's and Women's Soccer) and Doug Simmons (Baseball)
2013: Toppy Green (Men's and Women's Soccer)
2012: Toppy Green (Men's and Women's Soccer)