HC JRD Cheer is acknowledged as the Premier Cheer Organization in Flemington within the Hunterdon Central sending district. We provide children with an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.

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General: Hour-Based Volunteer Jobs


Field Preparation;
Approximately 4-5 volunteers will be assigned to Field Preparation. The primary responsibility is for ensuring game field and practice fields are lined/painted each week.  You will may need to help with any other field and light related repairs, preparation or activities that may come up.   You need to be available at minimum on Thursday/Fridays after 8pm to line the game field at the FMF Complex and Jimy Wilson Memorial fields. 

Parent Projects (formerly a special volunteer job as parent workday)
There will be several of these based on need and will target specific jobs. Work could be at both Jimmy Wilson memorial Field (formerly Pioneer field ) and the new FMF Complex field (near Wal-Mart). These will be announced as needed via email distribution and through team communications.

Gameday Events: 2 Credit Hours each shift
Rolls and jobs will be assigned the day of the game based on need and volunteers, you don't sign up for specific assigments.     Some of the activities you may be needed to do:

  • Snack Snack Crew;
    There are multiple responsibilities and roles will be assigned based on need and who is available.  Help to run the snack bar.  Jobs could be grilling, working the counter, making hot dogs or working the register among others.  Jobs will be assigned upon arrival.
  • Snack Stand Final Shift & Breakdown
    Help tranports food and equipment back to the JWM field from either the FMF Complex or Central HS depending on the game location. Vehicle with large carry/storage capacity are best.  You will also help with putting items away as needed.
  • Empty trash cans
    Collect Trash bags and briong to dumpter, line with new liners and walk the spectators sections picking up trash.  
  • 50/50 Sales 
    Walk the fan sections selling 50/50 tickets starting when the game starts and through half-time.  You will also help rip and separate tickets.
  •  Set-up and Transport
    Need vehicle with large storage space like pick-up truck, SUV or minivan.  This includes tranporting food and equipment from the JWM field to the FMF Complex or Central HS depending on the game location.  You will also help with set-up of the snack stand as needed and set-up the game field with markers, pads, down marker chains, etc.