HC JRD Cheer is acknowledged as the Premier Cheer Organization in Flemington within the Hunterdon Central sending district. We provide children with an opportunity to perform in an organized, supervised, safety-oriented environment.

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Volunteering Overview
Remember - we are a volunteer-based, non-profit organization.
We can not run this organization for the 300 children in our program without the help and support of everyone through our volunteer credit hour process.
Each family is obligated to complete their required volunteer credit hours unless you bought-out during registration.
 For 1 child it is 8 credit hours,  for 2+ children it is 12 hours

You can use the "Volunteer Sign-ups" tool to sign-up for a volunteer slot as they become available and are posted. 
It's listed on the menu options to the left or can be accessed HERE

To make your job selection easier - be sure to use the Filter Opportunity option under the "Options" drop down in the upper left hand corner to find the postions you are looking for.  You can filter by date, by category or by key work like "50/50"

There are several ways that our organization's members can meet their volunteer credit hour commitment

  1. Special & Season Long Volunteer Jobs (Open Now)
    These are roles that the parent fills throughout the season, such as team mom, article writer, game announcer, etc...
    These are under the "Special" category. and there are several subsets:
    - Special - Announcer/Spotter
    - Special - Game Recap Writer & Coordinator
    - Special - Flag Referee/Scorekeeper
    - Special - Team Coordinator
  2. Hour-based Volunteer Job (Will be posted closer to the start of the season)
    These are shifts that a parent works during the season.  Usually during the gameday and usually:  1 hour worked = 1 credit hour of volunteer commitment.  These are job like working the snack stand during games or manning the parking lot during a game. They are often 2 hour blocks
    This is under the "General Opportunity" category.  There are 3 subsets:
    - Pioneer Home Games
    - Skyland Home Games
    - Patriot Home Games

  3. General Volunteer Jobs
    These will be one-off volunteer opportinities that pop-up from time to time based on the needs of the organization.
  4. Buy-outs
    Families have the option to buy-out of their volunteer credit hour commitment at the time of their registration.   The money goes toward hiring students to fill the required volunteer job.  Just because you buy out, doesn't mean the need for workers goes away.

More details of each are defined under the menu options to the left.,

You can use the "Volunteer Sign-up" tool to sign-up for a volunteer slot as they become available and are posted.