Our mission is to glorify God by developing and operating sports programs based on biblical principles where young people can learn Christian values by participating in a healthy, competitive sports environment.

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Player Covenant

In consideration of being a player with the                                                                      (Team name), I agree to the following:
  1. I will treat my teammates opponents, coaches, parents and all others involved in ACYS with respect at all times.
  2. I will give my full attention to my coach and assistant coach and do my best to follow their instructions.
  3. I will always try hard todo my best, both in practice and during games.
  4. I will encourage and help my teammates and others who may not be as skilled at sports as I am.
  5. While I will strive to win, I will not be overly concerned about winning. I will work to personally improve each day.
  6. I will HAVE FUN ! 

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ACYS Code of Conduct

Mandatory Coach Meetings - ACYS may require the participation of coaches to attend ACYS related meetings. These meetings are integral to the success of ACYS. Coaches unable to attend these meetings may be required to watch a video of the meeting or listen to an audio tape/cd in order to participate as a coach.

Game Conduct
All ACYS & GCF League Games will be conducted within the current FYSA rules, FIFA laws of the game and decisions of the international Board in effect prior to the ACYS annual meeting with exceptions as noted below:

ACYS responsibility
Our goal is to encourage young people to be the very best they can be for the Glory of God. ACYS will do its best to provide a safe place for children to play sports, guidance and training for volunteers, and will maintain an atmosphere of excellence and integrity.

Duties and responsibilities of coaches, officials, spectators, parents and other volunteers
· To conduct themselves in a “Christ like manner” at all times while on, near or off the playing field.
· To prepare, train and coach their team to the best of their ability.
· To encourage clean fair competition and good sportsmanship at all times.
· To uphold the rules and regulations of ACYS, FYSA and FIFA as they apply.
· To participate in positive coaching that builds-up and encourages players.

Coaching Requirements
  1. Coaches must read and sign ACYS Covenant and Statement of faith. See seperate tab for Coach covenant.
  2. Coaching from the sideline is restricted to coaches on the player side of the field/court only. Sideline coaching should be minimal and limited to two coaches from each team operating behind the sidelines and between the two penalty areas. For Basketball only one coach is permitted to stand during play. For soccer, each coach on the sideline during a match must have an official FYSA coaching pass or be listed on the ACYS roster.
  3. Coaches Cautioned or Ejected from field Coaches cautioned and/or ejected from a game or sports complex will receive a minimum one game suspension and be reviewed by a disciplinary committee. Based on the severity of the infraction a longer suspension or dismissal could be recommended by the committee. Only by a majority vote of the ACYS executive board can a coach be removed from his position.
  4. ANY substantiated criminal act against a child is grounds for immediate dismissal and/or disqualification as a coach Each coach must complete an FYSA coach’s registration prior form to league play. As a condition of the completed form each coach must provide a social security number for the purpose of a FDLE background check.