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Los Alamos County Ice Rink


The Los Alamos Hockey Association is a user of the facility. While we are a major user of the facility, we are not the only users. The success and reputation of our program is impacted by the way in which we use the facility and the way we conduct ourselves when we are at the facility. RESPECT - sums it all up.


The use of pucks or balls off the ice surface will no longer be allowed, this includes but is not limited to tape rolls, tape balls, bottle caps, chunks of ice/snow etc. First, it is a safety concern for by-standers; several people were accidentally hit by flying objects from outside the rink surface. Second, the building with locker rooms and restrooms is covered in thin sheet metal siding and dents/mars easily. The community pays a great deal of money for that facility and since hockey players are the ones shooting pucks against it then we are to blame when the facility gets damaged. Past history has proved that policing of this issue by the rink staff is ineffective. Therefore, the Los Alamos Hockey Association coaches and members are charged with policing it.


The rink staff answers to the ice arena manager. Problems or concerns with the facility or staff should be directed to the ice arena manager. If the issue is in regards to imminent danger to players or spectators then please discuss the situation with the rink staff on duty. At no time are you speaking or acting on behalf of the Los Alamos Hockey Association . If the Los Alamos Hockey Association needs to be involved in the interaction then you must contact the association president or another member of the executive committee.


Rink Season Passes -


All players must purchase a Los Alamos County Ice Rink - Hockey Season Pass. The costs of the various rink passes are listed on the Los Alamos County's web site (https://www.losalamosnm.us/government/departments/community_services/parks_recreation_and_open_spaces/icerink/).All Season Passes can be used for hockey and public skating sessions. Season Passes can be purchased at the rink during Walk-In Registration days or they may be purchased from the rink during the first week of practices. Players must present and scan their rink pass each time they use the rink - for hockey and public skating.