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 Locker Room Protocol

The locker rooms at any venue are for hockey teams and their coaching staff ONLY!  Parents, siblings, other relatives and friends are not permitted in the locker rooms.  The only exception to this is for ATOMS, MITES and SQUIRTS and only when a screened  Team Official is present in the locker room.  A parent may assist players in these age divisions to prepare for practices or games.  Parents of younger age division players are encouraged to help prepare their child and then leave.  Wean your child of needing assistance as early as possible.  If the only thing that they can’t do is tie their skates then they can go outside the locker room to get them tightened or a coach can help them out.  There’s no reason for parents, siblings, other relatives and friends to be in the locker room. 


The locker room is for Players and Coaching Staff

Parents are not welcome in the locker room

Siblings are not welcome in the locker room

Sticks are not welcome in the locker room

Horseplay is not allowed in the locker room


Under no circumstances are males allowed in the GIRLS locker room.  That includes Dad!  Male coaches are only permitted in the GIRLS locker room IF the team is dressed AND there is an adult female team official present in the locker room (for pre-game talks or pre-practice instruction).  Similarly, females are not allowed in co-ed team locker rooms above the Squirt age division.  Female players will dress in a separate locker room and may join the team only for pre-game talks or pre-practice instruction if the rest of the team is dressed.


Locker room cleanliness is the players’ responsibility.  Coaches will police the locker room after every game or practice to ensure that it is picked up.  When players are done dressing for games or practices, they are asked to zip and stow their gear bags so that other players may walk in the locker room without obstructions. 


The use of pucks or balls off the ice surface is not allowed; this includes but is not limited to tape rolls, tape balls, bottle caps, chunks of ice/snow etc.  Some arenas have a place for this type of activity but most do not.  The exception to this is under the direction and supervision of a team official for the purposes of instruction/skill development.