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The purpose of the Mars Area Soccer Club (MASC) shall be to develop, promote and administer the game of soccer for youth between the ages of 4 and 19 years of age. MASC will strive to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, loyalty, courage and honesty among the youth of our community and all others participating in the game of soccer.

In-House Philosophy

The philosophy of the In-House program is to have "FUN". The program is structured to emphasize maximum participation of every player, develop soccer skills and instill the value of good sportsmanship. MASC does not keep score or league standings either by teams or individuals.

Travel Philosophy

The philosophy of the travel program emphasizes winning, competition, and team standings. However, player development is of the utmost importance and continues to be the primary objective. Placement on a specific travel team will be determined by competitive evaluations. MASC cannot ensure that everyone will be a member of a travel team.