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South Jeffco Sports Association
Payout Policy:
South Jeffco Sports Association (SJSA) has changed the frequency of which we cut checks from daily to twice a month. Invoices received in our office will be paid with in 30 days of receipt. 
Refund Requests must be in writing and will be issued AFTER approval of the sport director. Approved refund requests will be processed with in 30 days of approval.
REFUND POLICY - Registrations received after the registration deadline will be placed only if space is available even if you were previously on a team! A $55.00 fee will be charged for each child withdrawing from the sports program after registration is complete, even if season has not begun. Requests must be in writing, sent to SJSA office. No refunds will be issued for those who withdraw on or after the official opening day of the sport involved.
A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.