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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When are tryouts? 

      Tryouts are typically held in May for the following fall/winter/spring season.  i.e., 2020/21 season tryouts will be held this May 2020. 

Q.  Where do I register for Travel Tryouts?

      Registration will open APRIL 1st on www.westportsoccer.org          

Q. Who should try out?

Travel soccer is for the committed soccer player who is looking for more of a challenge in order to continue to grow as a soccer player. If your child is showing a passion and talent for playing soccer and is willing to commit to playing soccer five to seven hours per week in the fall and spring season, and weekly 1 ¼ hour sessions in January and February, then he or she is ready for travel soccer.

Q. Our child is new to the travel soccer program. How do I find out more about the program and your philosophy?

Parents who are new to our program and/or have children participating for the first time are required to attend a meeting to be held each year (upcoming Mon, April 30th, 2018 @ Bedford Middle School cafe.)   Mickey Kydes, WSA Coaching staff and board members will be on hand to discuss the WSA Travel soccer program and to answer your questions.

Q. My child was born in September, can he/she try out with the other kids in his/her grade?

Players can only try out for the age group for which they are eligible.  Age cutoffs are based on the calendar birth year (NOT August 1st cutoff).    We will be removing the U14 age group and will have a U15 age group that will contain both U14 and U15 players.  This allows some 8th graders, not yet in High School , to participate. 


Our travel program is ability based, not grade based.  If your child does not meet the age requirements for U9 this year, we suggest that the child play in our REC program, and try out again next Spring  when he or she is eligible for U9. We have designed our REC program both as a development program for those interested in our travel program, as well as an option for those not wishing the higher level of commitment required by travel program. We also recommend and promote that our travel program players participate in our REC program if the interest level exists and time allows. This gives travel players the opportunity to play with classmates who may have been ineligible to play this year because of the CJSA age eligibility policies. To check the age group your child is eligible for, please visit the travel tryout info page under the Travel top. 

Q. What is the procedure for tryouts?

Before your child can try out, parents must register (and pay) on www.westportsoccer.org  in the proper travel tryout prog

Note to Parents & Players: 
WHAT TO WEAR TO TRYOUTS: Players should wear a white T-shirt, dark colored soccer shorts and socks, and bring an inflated ball, shin guards, soccer shoes and plenty of water.  
Do not wear your travel or rec uniform to tryouts.
Q. How many teams will there be in each age group?

The WSA’s goal is to have the following number of teams in each age group:

U9 & U10
  3-5 teams of approximately 12 players (limit 14 players)
U11 & U12
  1-2 teams of approximately 14 players (limit 18 players)
U13 & U14/U15
  1-2 teams of approximately 18 players (limit 25 players)
The actual number of teams will be determined based on the number of qualified players who tryout in each age group. Every effort will be made to place qualified players on a team.

Q. Should my child attend all tryouts?

Tryouts are mandatory.  Please note that tryouts consist of two sessions -- players must attend both sessions.  If a registered participant cannot be at a tryout an e-mail should be sent to   or a call to 203-221-9900.  Missing a tryout may affect a participant's chances of being placed on a travel team. If a child misses a tryout for medical reasons a note must be provided by a doctor.

Q. When will my child be notified about what team he or she is going to be on?

Players will be notified via our website, usually after the last day of school.  If you do not provide a current (and legible) email address on the application form we will not be able to notify you.

Q. My child is already on a travel soccer team. Is it necessary for him to try out again?

YES. All players try out for travel soccer every year. If a current travel soccer player does not appear at tryouts he or she will not be placed on a team for the fall. Exceptions will only be made in extenuating circumstances (i.e., injuries, family emergencies, etc.).

Q. Will my child be on a team with the same players who are on his or her travel soccer team this year?

Not necessarily. Player skills and development change rapidly in youth soccer. The WSA forms teams based on the information gathered on the tryout registration form, results from the tryout process and the current team’s coach evaluation.

Q. Can my child “play up”?

Players on WSA travel teams should expect to be placed on a team with others from the same age group and must attend the tryout for their age group. The Coaching Director and Travel Directors have the discretion to assign players to a team in an older age group if they have demonstrated exceptional ability and commitment. We try to provide opportunities for interested players to “play up” in tournaments through the formation of tournament teams.

Q. Are the U9 and U10 teams going to be “Balanced”?

No. The WSA will create teams based on ability at U9 and U10.

 Q. What is the Connecticut Cup?

The Connecticut Cup (“CT Cup”) is a statewide, single-elimination tournament played on Saturday afternoons over the course of a season. Cup teams are expected to participate in CT Cup play during the fall season; Classic teams may choose to do so as well. Spring CT Cup participation is optional; teams will be formed during the winter break based on the expressed interest of players at the end of the fall season.

 Q. Can players be moved to different teams?

Yes. The Coaching Director and Travel Directors have the discretion to move a player  based on the coaches’ mid-season evaluations if it is considered in the best interest of the player and the program.

Q. I understand that travel soccer is a three-season sport, but what if my child doesn’t want to play travel soccer in the spring?

The WSA travel soccer program is comprised of  fall, winter indoor and spring seasons, as this gives children the best opportunity to develop as players. If you know your child will not be playing travel soccer in the Spring, you should consider placing your child in our REC program. This will enable us to create more stable travel teams over the two seasons and  minimize roster disruptions created by players who withdraw in the spring. If your child decides to withdraw from travel soccer during the course of the year, please notify your team’s coach and the appropriate WSA travel director immediately so that a replacement can be identified in a timely manner. Last minute withdrawals will not be viewed favorably in future years and refunds of travel fees will not be granted to player withdrawing for the spring season.

 Q. Is there a parent volunteer requirement similar to other Westport Sports Associations and Clubs? 

Yes. Parents are required to volunteer for team management, WSA board committees and at various WSA events during the year. Opportunities will be offered and communicated through the WSA website and at registration.

Q. I would like to volunteer to help the WSA. How do I sign up?

Terrific! Please contact us at
Q. How much does travel soccer cost?
Fees are detailed on the TRAVEL FEES page under Travel top tab.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid is available thru Town Services, Patty Haberstroh 203-341-1069  (Human Services Dept) and must be renewed each season

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