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2015 Age / Weight Chart

Division Flag Football - Ages 4-6 / No Weight Restrictions

Division 7U  - Ages 6 at 70lbs* & Age 7 at 70lbs*

Division 8U  - Age 8 at 80lbs*

Division 9U  - Age 9 at 90lbs*

Division 10U - Age 10 at 100lbs*

Division 11U - Age 11 at 120lbs*

Division 12U - Age 12 at 130lbs*

Division 14U - Ages 13 & 14 at 150lbs*

Please Note the Following:
ALL AGES ARE DETERMINED BY AUGUST 1st 2015 with the exception of the Unlimited Division

(*) Denotes Playbacker: a child may remain at this age division and compete as a playbacker no matter how much they exceed the maximum weight listed on the chart. A Playbacker is defined as any player that exceeds the maximum listed weight and must play on the defensive or offensive line (Tackle to Tackle)