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What Class Should Your Child Sign Up For?

If you and your child remember the level of the class they completed last season, we recommend that you register for the same class or the next level up.  If you cannot remember or have not taken class before, please see the guideline below.

Basic 1- Beginners learning to skate forwards, age 6 and up.  Skaters must be able to stand on their own safely on the ice.

Advanced Beginners:

Basic 2- Comfortable skating forwards, ready to learn backwards skating (age 5-8)
Basic 3- Can perform backwards swizzles comfortably (age 5-8)


Basic 4- Has mastered forward and backward 1-foot glides, ready to learn skating on an edge (age 5-11)
Basic 5- Has mastered 3-turns and forward cross overs (age 6-11)
House Synchro- For skaters interested in an intro to synchronized skating for 30mins once a week on Saturdays!

Advanced: (generally ages 8+)

Basic 6: Has mastered elementary backward cross overs 
Pre-Freeskate: Has mastered all four types of 3-turns (should know what all four are) and crossovers

Elite:  All skaters that are Freestyle level are strongly encouraged to take the following classes in addition to their weekly private lessons:

Elite Class 1- Tuesdays, 4:30-5pm
Elite Class 2- Thursdays, 4:30-5pm 
Elite Power 1- Saturdays, 4pm
Elite Power 2- Saturdays, 4:25pm