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Umpire-In-Chief: Open Role


Forrest Hulette
Email resident@hllball.org

About our Umpires:
Huguenot Little League operates with its own team of umpires in charge of maintaining fair and safe play for our league. Our umpires range in age from 13 to 65. Many of our young men and women are also past and present players, coaches and parents at HLL. Our #1 goal is to provide the best competitive and enjoyable environment for every member in our community.

Prospective Umpires:
Huguenot Little League takes great pride in training and developing our own umpires. Umpiring teaches life lessons to our young adults as well as providing them with valuable work experience. Every Spring we accept new applicants to join our umpiring team. Training is free and consists of 3 class meetings and one on field clinic. After gaining on-field experience in the Grapefruit Season, our young umpires are ready to work by the first week of the Regular Season. A minimum age of 13 is required to enroll.

You may express interest and reserve your child's spot for the Spring 2018 season.
Over 18 years old - Every adult is allowed consideration to join our umpiring team. Previous experience is required if not enrolling in the first year class and clinic program. Please register on the website by February 1st if you are interesting in umpiring.