Orland Hills Wolves t-ball, baseball, and softball for ages 4-16.

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Boys Mustang Rules
1. A minimum of 8 players is required to start a game. A team that does not have a minimum of 8 players within 10 minutes after the scheduled game time will automatically forfeit the game as a loss in the standings.
2. A continuous batting order shall be used with all players present for the game in the batting order. During any inning the maximum # of batters in any inning is limited to 11 batters, even if there was less than 3 outs.
3. Bases are set at 60 feet. The pitching rubber should be set at 44 feet measured from the front of the pitching rubber to the back tip of home plate. 
  4. 6 innings are played at Mustang level. 
5. Games normally start at 5:45pm on weekdays at various times on weekends. All teams should check their own schedules posted on the MBSA website. 
6. A 2-hour time limit will apply. No new inning shall begin past the 2 hour limit from the start of the first pitch. The official start of each game shall be written in each team’s scorebook. The umpire has discretion of this rule.
7.  An official game is considered to be 4 complete innings or 3 ½ innings if the HOME team is leading.
8. The umpires may elect to suspend a game prior to the 2 hour limit due to darkness or inclement weather. In    this situation, refer to rule #7 above to determine if the game is considered “official” at the point of being suspended. If not complete by rules above, the game will then be resumed at a later date (if possible), and game is picked up at the same point where it was suspended (same batter, #outs, inning etc.) NOTE: If a player was not present at the original game, but is at the makeup game to be completed, they can play but must be inserted last in the batting order.
9. If after 6 innings and the game is tied, an extra inning may be played BUT only if there was time left on the 2   hour time limit. If the game is tied, and no time left then the game is considered a TIE in the standings.
10. Upon observance of lightning, or continuous heavy rain or thunder nearby, the game will be suspended.
11. A game deemed complete (through 4 innings) but not played full (6 innings) due to rule #10 above will have  its outcome determined by the score that existed at the last completed full inning played.
12. HOME team Manager and/or coaches are responsible for setting up and putting away the bases and pitching rubber after each game. Please double check to make sure the storage box padlock is locked before leaving.
13. A team that has enough players ( 8 or more) to start a game, but subsequently loses a player to injury, illness or other cause during a game, will not be required to forfeit the game. Also the injured/sick player will not  result in an out in the batting order when their turn comes up.
14. A game may be played upon agreement of both managers, if no umpire is present at game time. Both managers must agree on a substitute umpire from coaches or parents at the game.
15. Players must play a minimum of 3 innings in the field each game and cannot sit out more than 2 innings in a row.
16. A pitcher is allowed to pitch a maximum of 3 innings per game. One pitch thrown counts as an inning. 
17. Pitchers are allowed to pitch 6 innings per week if 2 games are scheduled for that week, and up to 8 innings per week if 3 or more games are scheduled in the week. A pitching week runs Monday to Sunday of the week. 
18. If a pitcher throws 3 innings in one game, then he must rest a minimum of 40 hours until he pitches next. If he pitches less than 3 innings, he may pitch the next day. The 40 hour rule is game time to the next game time start.
19. Once a pitcher is taken out of the game as a pitcher, he MAY NOT re-enter as a pitcher, but can play any other position.
20. Any pitcher who hits 2 batters in the SAME INNING, or 3 batters for the GAME, shall be removed as a pitcher for the remainder of that game. NO exceptions!
21. Intentional walks are NOT allowed in Mustang, and are identified at the discretion of the home plate umpire.
22. NO BALKS are called in the Mustang Division.
23. There is free substitution of players during the game and innings being played.
24. If a manager makes 2 trips to the mound in the same inning for the same pitcher, then the pitcher must be taken out of the game as a pitcher.
25. No drop 3rd strike call will apply in Mustang.
26. No infield fly rule will apply.
27. Bunting is allowed in the Mustang division.
28. Only 1 batter shall be “on-deck” and all other players shall remain in the dugout. The on-deck batter for safety reasons should be positioned in the area behind the batter.  
 29. Only 2 coaches are allowed outside each dugout area during the game. The scorekeeper for each team shall be either in the dugout or the bleacher section for that team, and not outside the dugout.
30. Players who throw their bat after or while swinging, will receive 1 warning from the umpire. A second occurrence by the same player in the game will result in the batter being called out and a DEAD ball situation. In other words, NO pitch and NO RUNNERS can advance. This dead ball situation applies to the warning situation as well.
31. All players must wear batting helmets provided by MBSA and have faceguards on them if they have their own.
32. A player who intentionally throws his helmet off while running the bases will be called out.
33. CATCHER SPEED UP RULE applies and if a catcher is on base with 2 outs, he MUST be pinch run for with the last batter making an out being used as the pinch runner. This is to speed up the game.   
34. Stealing is allowed only at second or third base. Stealing of home is not allowed or on a wild pitch or passed ball. Leadoffs are not allowed on any base, and runners cannot leave until the ball crosses home plate.
35. If a runner leaves early on an attempted steal of a base, they will receive 1 warning from the umpire. On the 2nd offense by the same runner, the umpire shall call the runner out for leaving too soon. NOTE: On BOTH the warning pitch and the second offense pitch, the pitch is nullified, DEAD ball situation, no ball can be put into play and NO runners may advance.

36. If a runner is stealing 2nd base and the catcher’s throw gets away or goes into the outfield area, the runner may advance to 3rd base. If the runner is stealing 3rd base and the throw goes into the outfield, the runner must stay at third base and cannot advance home.
37. However, if a wild throw from a fielder leaves the playing field (out of bounds) the runners are entitled to get       the base they are going to, plus 1 more base.   
38. Runners MUST SLIDE to avoid contact with a fielder on close plays at any base. If an umpire felt that the play was affected by a runner not sliding and contact was made with a fielder, the runner will be called out. This will be the umpire’s judgement call and no appeal can be made on this call.  
39. Any player or manager/coach will be ejected from the game for deliberately throwing a bat, helmet, or other object in anger over a call. The league board will be notified of any ejection, and disciplinary action will be taken.       
   40. No base runner may advance once the pitcher has possession of the ball in the 10 foot circular area around the mound, unless that runner was more than ½ way to advancing to the next base.  
41. SLAUGHTER RULE is a 15 run lead after 3 innings, and a 10 run lead after 4 innings or later. Game will then end. 
42.  No metal cleats are to be worn in Mustang. Only plastic or rubber cleats can be worn. It is also highly  recommended that protective cups be worn by all players, and MANDATORY that all catchers wear one.
43. The HOME TEAM is considered the “official scorer” for the game, however both teams should keep their own scorebook, and periodically check the score with the other team during the game.
44. Players can be called up from the PINTO 8 year old division to fill a roster spot for a Mustang game if needed. The Pinto player being called up must be approved first by the division coordinator and that player must bat last in the batting order for that game. He also cannot pitch, but can play any other position.
45. The UMPIRE has the authority to eject Managers, Coaches, players and fans from the field for improper conduct. The umpire may suspend play and/or order a forfeit for disobeying an ejection order, after informing the violating party that such action will be taken if the umpire’s decision is not followed.
46. A protest based on play, which involves an umpire’s judgement is not permitted. A protest can only be over a rule interpretation.  The manager must notify the home plate umpire of a protest before the next pitch is thrown and must be noted in the scorebook at the point of protest. The game will be resumed from that point should any protest be upheld. Protests must be submitted to the umpire coordinator by that team within 24 hours of the game. A committee consisting of the umpire coordinator, division coordinator, and another selected board member shall rule on the protest and make a decision within 1 week. If the protest is upheld, the game will resume from the point of the protested play, as marked in the scorebooks.
47.  PLEASE HAVE FUN…..PLAY SAFE AND FAIR…..and remember it’s for the KIDS !!!