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More info later in the season

All LAHA volunteers and parents with routine access to the players (ie., goalie parents for younger age divisions) have background screening done to help ensure the safety of the players. 

All board members are required to do this again this season.
All referees are required to do this, if they have not already done it as a coach or other member type.
Parents in the locker rooms must, at all times, be accompanied by someone from your association who has been screened.  It is recommended that you pick a few parents, who are consistently present at games and practices, and have them do this.  Those would be your "adult assistants."
All managers are required to do this if they are not on the list of last season's screened staff.

The screening process is done by a third party organization and is completely confidential. 

LOEAHA has a strict 100% compliance policy.  If a coach or manager fails to sign a Screening Application, that coach or manager will no longer be able to serve in those postions.  Coaching Sanctions will result if compliance is not met. 

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Deadline to submit the form is November 30th.