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Your all-volunteer CSA Board of Directors -- made up of baseball parents, just like you! -- meets monthly. 


Community members are always welcome. New volunteers are always needed. 


The Board oversees CSA in accordance with our bylaws. We are a PONY-member, non-profit organization, and participate in the SoCal East Region of the West Zone.

Please contact us to ask about our next meeting date. And see you at the field! 

Executive Directors
League President N. Dane csabaseballprez@gmail.com
League Vice President S. Anderson Vicepresident@csabaseball.com
Secretary S. Boch csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Treasurer V. Aristo csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Baseball Commissioners
Foal 6U Baseball B. Bardens csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Shetland 6U Baseball Anderson/Aristo csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Pinto 8U Baseball D. Calabro csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Mustang 10U Baseball B. Barty csabaseballprez@gmail.com
Bronco 12U Baseball M. Amit Bronco@csabaseball.com
Pony 14U Baseball M. Amit Pony@csabaseball.com

Website questions or issues? Email info@csabaseball.com