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CSA Board of Directors

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Executive Directors
League President Kevin Riffle President@csabaseball.com
League Vice-President Scott Anderson Vicepresident@csabaseball.com
Secretary Adam Smith Secretary@csabaseball.com
Treasurer Vanessa Aristo Treasurer@csabaseball.com
Baseball Commissioners
Foal 6U Baseball Matthew Caress Foal@csabaseball.com
Shetland 6U Baseball Stephen Sullivan Shetland@csabaseball.com
Pinto 8U Baseball Braden Barty Pinto@csabaseball.com
Mustang 10U Baseball David Calabro Mustang@csabaseball.com
Bronco 12U Baseball Manny Amit Bronco@csabaseball.com
Pony 14U Baseball Manny Amit Pony@csabaseball.com



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