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Coaches Registration Fees

USA Hockey charges coaches $30 per year to register as a coach.  In addition to that $30, LOEAHA charges $10 per year to register coaches; team managers are free to register.  This burden is not assumed by the coaching staff personally.  Coaches that register on-line at USA Hockey and subsequently register with LAHA will be reimbursed.  Coaches who register with USA Hockey are not eligible for LAHA reimbursement if they are not currently coaching at LAHA in the season that they are requesting reimbursement.

Managers need to register with LAHA through this site and the registrar will send managers' registration to USA Hockey.  There is no fee to register managers.  If a registered coach is also a team manager, they are coach first and as such, registration fees are entitled to USA Hockey and LOEAHA.  

The purpose of the registration fees to USA Hockey and LOEAHA is for administration costs, screening costs and supplemental insurance coverage.  

CEP Clinic Registration Fees

Coaching Registration Fees are separate from CEP Clinic Fees.  Coaches are responsible for initially paying for all CEP Clinic Fees.  Registration on-line at USA Hockey is recommended.  

Once a coach is registered with LAHA and USA Hockey then CEP Clinic fees are reimbursed only to those individual coaches that are actually coaching at LAHA in the season that they are requesting reimbursement for.  LAHA will pay registration fees for all coaches wishing to attain all certifications up to Level 3.  Because of limited Coaching Eduation Funds in the budget, Level 4 and Level 5 Clinic Fee reimbursement requests must be made to the Executive Committee through the Head Coach.  It is prudent to ask before registering for any Level 4 or Level 5 Clinics, there is the possibility that the request could be denied.  However, LAHA will do everything possible not to burden or hinder a coaches desire to progress to a higher level of certification.

LAHA will not pay for travel expenses related to attendance at any CEP Clinic.  LAHA will only reimburse fees paid to USA Hockey for CEP Clinics according to the following fee schedule.

Level 1 - $25
Level 2 - $35
Level 3 - $45
Level 4 - TBD  (actual clinic registration)
Level 5 - TBD  (actual clinic registration)

Fee Reimbursement

Each Coach that registers with USA Hockey and then with LAHA will automatically have a $40 credit applied to his/her family account.  That credit will automatically be applied to the registration fee for the child(ren) of that coach. 

Each Coach that attends a USA Hockey Coaching Clinic will receive a similar credit on his/her account.  This is done manually and is applied after the CEP Clinic attendance list is verified with USA Hockey.

In the event that a coach has no child(ren) in the program or a coach has already paid for their child's registration fee then a check will be written to the coach once registration is complete on September 30th.