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Most of us become soccer coaches because our children start to play the game and we want to help them get better. A lot of us have no formal soccer training and most of us don't have any formal training on how to coach the game of soccer. While it might seem pretty intuitive, especially if you played the game growing up, there are actually a lot of nuances to coaching soccer to different ages that make it an acquired skill. 

With that in mind, the LYSC strongly encourages all coaches to complete an online training program developed and delivered by MA Youth Soccer. The first course (G License) is available online and can be completed at your own pace. The cost is currently $35, which will be fully reimbursed by the LYSC upon your successful completion. The time commitment is ~4 hours for the G course.  

To learn more and enroll in the online course, click below:

If you'd prefer attending a "live" version of the G course locally, please contact your age group director and we'll schedule one if we're able to generate enough interest. 

Once you've completed the G Online course, please forward your receipt to your age group director and they'll arrange for reimbursement. 

There are additional courses beyond the G course (F, E, D, etc.) and they're all worthwhile and will be fully reimbursed by LYSC upon your successful completion. Click the link below for more information on dates/locations of those courses: