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Welcome to the LAHA Coaching Information Gateway!

LAHA's Coaching Staff is made up of 100% Volunteer Coaches. LAHA pays for certain things to make coaching at LAHA easier, but no forms of monetary compensation are granted on behalf of the coaching staff. The best example is that coaches pay the same amount of money for their children to play hockey as any other family would.

Our coaches are dedicated to the sport and to their teams. Many coaches are Mom's and Dad's and we welcome that, but you'll also find that a number of our coaches either coach programs other than their own child's or programs in addition to their own child's and we've got some terrific coaches with no children in any of the programs at all.

Team Managers are a valuable asset to our programs. As players and parents we hope you recognize and appreciate all that they do. Team Managers are considered not only part of LAHA's Coaching Staff but a MAJOR part of LAHA's Coaching Staff.

All members of the Executive Committee, all members of the Coaching Staff, all referees and other Volunteers with access to the players are required by USA Hockey to be screened annually for any civil or criminal offense involving children. Our coaches are trained, certified and screened so that we can insure the safest and best possible experience for your players and family.

Visit the USA Hockey Coaching Certification webpage for more information about how to become a certified coach.