Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC) works with local lax clubs in the western Maryland, West Virginia & Southern Pennsylvania region to provide education and improve the sport for both player, league and families.

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2020 WMYLC Board 

President: Doug Agnes

Boys' Coordinator: Adam Heller

Girls' Coordinator: Teri Brull

Secretary:  Heather Waskiewicz

Treasurer: Jean Lapadula

Education Coordinator: Kayce Varney

Special Events Coordinator: Jodi Popielaski

The mission, purpose, and goals of the Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC) are:

  • To provide the youth (boys and girls) residing within the geographical boundaries of the Western Maryland Area (including Western Carroll County, Frederick County, Montgomery County and Washington County) a healthful, enjoyable leisure time activity and, as part of the experience, to promote qualities that may help them in later life such as sportsmanship, team skills, positive work-ethic, and integrity.
  • To promote the sport of Lacrosse in the Western Maryland Area by providing educational activities in the play of the game, rules, and coaching. 
  • To coordinate lacrosse practice and game activities in the Western Maryland Area and to seek to minimize conflicts regarding resources such as fields, referees, coaches, and equipment. 
  • To provide training clinics for players new to the sport in order to add new players to the game.
  •  To provide training and certification clinics in the rules of the game, lacrosse coaching fundamentals, player safety, and leadership skills for coaches participating in the conference. 
  • To provide year round lacrosse opportunities including (but not limited to): Spring season outdoor field lacrosse games, Summer league outdoor field lacrosse games, Fall outdoor field lacrosse games, special tournaments, lacrosse skills clinics for new and experienced players, and coaching training. 
  • To promote lacrosse opportunities for all age groups and skill levels including (but not limited to): Elementary School age, Middle School age, High School age, and College age boys and girls. 
  • To promote advancement of Lacrosse as a team sport in the Secondary Schools in the Western Maryland Area including Public and Private School Teams, Varsity, Junior Varsity, and 9th Grade Teams. 
  • To act as a coordinating body with external organizations such as other sports leagues, county field assignors, and referees organizations. 
  • To coordinate fund raising activities for Lacrosse in the Western Maryland Area towards the realizing goals stated above


Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC)

PO Box 231
Frederick, MD 21705