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The 3rd Grade (Transitional) Soccer Year

3rd Grade Soccer represents a transitional year for players. In fall, 3rd graders play "intramurals"  (in-town) but in spring, become BAYS travel players. Additionally, they transition from micro soccer to "bigger" soccer, which has several factors that are outlined in the respective Fall and Spring pages of this section. As a brief overview:


  • In the Fall, WAYS ‚Äč3rd grade teams participate in the Intramural program (i.e, they play in-town, transitioning from K-2 micro soccer).
  • WAYS does arrange a few "play dates" with neighboring town, Weston, to help introduce the concept of traveling to "away" games.
  • See the Intramural 3rd Grade FALL Program Information page for a complete overview of the fall program.


  • In the Spring, WAYS 3rd grade teams participate in the BAYS travel league, along with our 4th-12th grade teams. 
  • See the Intramural 3rd Grade SPRING Program Information page for a complete overview of the spring program.


Updated 4/18/19