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Why do I have to pay All-Star fees?
In order to participate in the All-Star program, you will be asked to complete the All-Star registration and pay the $15 All-Star fee online.
Participation in the All-Star program is completely voluntary, however, if your child chooses to play in an All-Star game/tournament, he/she will be asked to pay a nominal fee.
All-Star fees are to offset our costs to offer the All-Star program.  The primary costs are field rental/maintenance fees in order to extend the season by a full week for practices and games.  Other significant costs include All-Star caps and umpire fees. 
In the past, players who have not been selected as All-Stars have subsidized this program.  In our opinion, this trend is not fair.  We believe, that $15 is a modest fee to help defer the expenses that each All-Star player generates for the program.