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HYSA Little League Draft Rules

HYSA Little League uses a No Re-Draft policy at both the Minor and Major divisions. This means that players that played on a particular team the year before will remain on that team, unless one or more of the following issues arise:

If a new team is added
Example: If we have two teams and need to go to three. All players get put into draft for those three teams.
If a team is determined by the VP of Baseball and Player Agent to be extremely more talented then the other team(s) they can mandate a re-draft.

Draft As It Relates To Coaches

Coaches will be selected before the draft by the VP of Baseball. The HYSA Board needs to approve the coaching selections.
Coach's son is drafted first. Coach is allowed to pick one assistant before draft. As long as the VP of Baseball agrees it is not giving any team an advantage. If it is perceived to be an advantage, Draft compensation will be decided by VP of Baseball and Player Agent.

Players Evaluation

Players will be evaluated by outside resources. Players will be evaluated with two concerns in mind: Safety and Skill.
If players ratings end in a tie, age and number of years in previous division will be determining factor on draft order.
The evaluation stations will be determined by VP of Baseball and reviewed by HYSA Board before evaluations.
The coaches and board members are allowed to sit in on evaluations, but coaches and board members are NOT allowed while their child is being evaluated.
No parents will be allowed in the immediate area of the evaluations The number of positions available at each level will be determined by VP of Baseball.
Evaluation sheets are given to VP of Baseball and Player Agent.
Numbers are totaled up and list of players that are available for draft is established.
Coaches will be given list of players in the order they finished on evaluations. NO numbers will be reveled to coaches.

Player Draft

Parent request

NO parent request will be discussed until after draft. Parents will be told that No Request will be guaranteed! Coaches, Player Agent and VP of Baseball will discuss request after the draft. No player will moved unless there is a good reason and it is not due to competitive advantage.

Majors Draft Process

Teams are reviewed before draft by Player Agent and VP of Baseball.

Some Items that will be reviewed before we start the draft that could determine draft rotation are described below:
The number of 12 year old for each team must be equal and also be acceptable by Little League rules Total Team Talent must be equal as much as possible The number of player on each team needs to be even

After this is reviewed by Player Agent and VP of Baseball, they will present to the HYSA Board for review. If no gross error is in place draft rotation will be presented to coaches.

Coaches, VP of Baseball, and Player Agent will meet at next available time to select teams. This is where parent’s requests will be reviewed and discussed with coaches. Parent’s requests must be in writing. HYSA Little League reserves the right to turn down parents request if they interfere with Little League or HYSA rules.

If any issues come up, Player Agent and VP of Baseball will step in and make a decision on the concern. Their word is final!

After teams are selected, Coaches have a 24 hr period in which to ask each other for a trade. All trades must be approved by Player Agent.

All players on team roster are available for a trade. Again, some factors need to be look at to make sure Little League and HYSA rules are followed. Again, Player Agent has final say on all trades.

After the trade period has expired, teams are then contacted by coach.

Minors Draft Process

Total Team Talent must be equal as much as possible The number of player on each team needs to be even Team with least amount of players goes first.

If there are three teams or if number of teams change. There is a Re Draft. Players will be split in to evaluation scoring blocks.
Each team will have equal amount of players from each block. Draft order will be determined by picking number out of hat.
Parents Request can be discussed ,But as always not Guaranteed.