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Frequently Asked Questions about MonU
How long does the season run?
       Competitive- The competitive season runs from August of one year until May or June of the next year (i.e. August of 2015-June of 2016). It depends on what the coach decides to do in the Summer months. Some teams train all year around and others get breaks in December and July. Ask the coach or the manager of the team you are interested in and he/she will be able to tell you more information!

        REC- The REC Fall season starts in August and ends sometime in November. For those who are interested in continuing on after the 10 weeks of the REC season, there is a RecSelect season. You can try-out for the teams once a year. The RecSelect season plays until the team decides they have had enough or until the RecSelect tournaments are completed for the year (usually May or June).
There is also a SpringREC season that will play 8 Saturday games begining in April.

How much is Registration?
         Registration for Competitive and REC is $150 for the first child, $125 for the second, and $75 for any children 3 or more before August 1st; after August 1st registration increases by $25. Competitive will be more expensive as they compete in a league and tournaments and have other items in the team budgets.

Do you offer financial support?
         Yes we do. If you are in need of financial assistance, please fill out the financial aid form and send it to Wendell Beres at wendell@monusoccer.org for review and approval. Not everyone who applies qualifies.

What does the registration money go towards?
           The money that you pay towards registration goes towards insurance for the teams/children, field maintenance, referee fees (for REC), uniform fees (for REC), club operations, etc.

Who are the board members?
          The board members can be found on the board members page. This page can also be found by scanning the vertical menu bar on the left hand side of the page.

How do I update my account?
        If you need to update your account, there is a menu button on the vertical menu bar titled "Edit My Account". If you are still having difficulties, you can call us in the office at 215.855.9002.

How do I register?
        You can register on the home page by clicking the orange "Register Now" button. You may also scan the left side vertical menu for "Register Online". If there are individual registrations, you would hover over "Register Online" and then select the option of individual registrations. If you are trying to register as a team for a tournament or other MonU event, you can hover over "Register Online" and then select the option of team registrations.

How can I pay for registration?
        You have two options to pay for registration:
              1. Use a credit card to pay. Please know that some registrations will charge a convenience fee that is not refundable.
              2. You can mail a check to 650 N Cannon Avenue, Lansdale, PA 19446. Checks can be made out to MonU Soccer.

Are the fields closed?
         Field closures can be found in two places:
               1. On the home page on the right hand side. Green means open, Yellow means to be determined, and Red means closed. Find the field you are looking for.
               2. Field closures may also be found on the "Fields" page on the left vertical menu.

I am a coach/manager, how do I list my team name for tournaments?
         As a team coach or manager, our club should be listed as Montgomery United SC and your team name should be MonU ________ (e.g. MonU Union). We want people to know who we are by looking at our name.