To Provide Flag Football to the Youth of the Community

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We updated our 2012 Ref Policies to include some updates to our program and processes. The policy below below is also available for review online Please contact the Ref Supervisor if you have any questions.

Greg Giannone
MYFFL Referee Program - 2012 Policies

The MYFFL Referee Program uses a 3-Strike policy.  If you are late without calling or if you fail to show at all for your referee assignment, you will be assigned a strike.  Once you have accumulated three strikes, you will no longer be scheduled for referee duty. 

1) Referee Supervisor – Responsible for assigning and managing ref schedules, organizing/supervising refs game day, and resolving any ref issues that may arise in any game:
  • Dan Thompson - – (609) 304-6926 Cell 
2) Referee Coordinator – Responsible for overseeing Ref Supervisor and Ref Program
  • Steve D’Aguanno -
1) All refs must login to our website’s ‘Officials Area’ ( and set their ‘General Availability Calendar’ to those days and times they’re ‘generally’ available to ref games. Utilizing this feature will enable us to more efficiently schedule ref assignments. Refs should return to this area to download/print their schedule and read ‘Officials Bulletins’ that will be posted here.
2) Every effort will be made to evenly distribute referee opportunities.  However, this even distribution will, in part, depend upon a referee's ‘General Availability Calendar’ (Click here for setup guide).  A ref who is available one day of the week will likely be scheduled less frequently than a ref who is available all days. Ref performance in games already officiated will also be considered.
3) We will attempt to schedule referee assignments one week before the scheduled game, but situations may arise where less notice will be provided. Ref assignments must be accepted within 24-Hours or we may reschedule to another referee.

4) If there is a cancelation due to weather, the next normally scheduled practice day for that particular grade level will generally (not always) be the make-up game day (Click here for assigned practice schedules). Unless we already know of a conflict, the refs scheduled for the original game will remain scheduled for the make-up game receiving an automated notice of the make-up game date/time. Refs must inform the Ref Supervisor ASAP within 24-hours if they can’t ref the make-up game so we can arrange for a replacement ref.


1) All referees are required to report to MYFFL trailer and check-in with the Referee Supervisor no later than 15 minutes before the assigned game.  The earlier the better as it's imperative that you arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of your assigned game.  This allows you to sign in to the Ref Supervisor, grab your equipment, set up your field, introduce yourself to the coaches, conduct the coin toss, and hopefully start on time.  That's a lot to do in 15 minutes.  Please arrive on time and be ready to work.

2) If you are running late to the field and will not arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of your assigned game, you must call the Ref Supervisor at the field and notify him of your situation otherwise your game may be reassigned to another ref.

3) We require you be alert and engaged in the game and not distracted by friends on the field or your personal cell phone (unless emergency).
4) You must study and know the rules for the league game you’re officiating (as rules vary slightly from grade 1 to grade 2-5 and grade 6+). Click here to download the 2012 league rules.
5) You must call the game as you see it in accordance with our rules – Make the call and always blow your whistle loud and clear. You should respond to coaches questions about calls you made, but all coach challenges must be elevated to the Ref Supervisor.
6) Unless you’re handing off your Ref Kit to another ref team you must return the Ref Kit to our trailer with all of its contents. Each Ref Kit contains: (2) Ref vests, (2) Whistles, (2) Penalty Flags, (1) Time Clock, (1) Ball pump with pressure gauge, (1) copy of laminated ref summary rules, (1) copy of our complete official rules and accompanied with (1) Down Marker Cone

7) Please help pick up any trash from the vicinity or your assigned field. Stay professional, be respectful, ask for help from the Ref Supervisor if you need it, and...keep it fun.