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Football is a complex game. As a team forms, players must learn their own positions, and understand the team’s offensive and defensive roles. By practicing together, players learn plays, strategies, strengths, and areas that need more work. As the season gets under way, the team improves—and so do the opposing teams. Football becomes more challenging and exciting every week.
Lee Franconia fields a slightly different number of teams every year, depending on the number of players, and their ages and weights. Our coaches have the training and experience to coach youngsters at any level.

How are teams formed?
From registration, through Wolverine Camp and pre-season practice, coaches work with players to identify skills. Teams are formed according to the rules of the Fairfax County Youth Football League. Here's an overview (for more details, see the "Coaches" menu item and FCYFL rules):
  • Teams are formed AFTER coaches see players in action. Other clubs might have a quick one-hour assessment, or they might select players sight unseen from a list. The Wolverines don't do things that way. We get to know each player, beginning with registration. Every player has a chance to show and develop skills, and to be given the best chance to succeed. Come to camp and show us what you have!
  • A team must have a minimum of 14 and maximum of 22 players. As more players register, we can form more teams in each age/weight category.
  • Why do we sometime split two bigger teams into three smaller teams? It's simple: more players show up! If we exceed the maximum team size, we are required to form an additional team. This is good! On a smaller team, players get more time on the field during games, and more attention from coaches.
  • Why can't I choose my player's coach? Fairfax County Youth Football League rules are designed to give each player and each team the best chance to succeed. All players are evaluated by the coaches in each weight class. Players are selected to fill teams based on experience and skill.
    At the Anklebiter level, the emphasis is on teaching the youngest players the basics of the game: all Anklebiter teams will be formed equally and will consist of players with similar skills and abilities. In other words, we don't stack Anklebiter teams. If we did, one team would probably lose every game while the other team dominated. That would be a poor lesson for young children new to a sport.
    Beginning at the 75-pound level, the number of players determines how many Wolverine teams will be formed and what conference they will occupy (American, Central, or National). The coaches then follow FCYFL rules for drafting players. Within a given conference, the teams should be of equal skill and experience. For example, two 85-pound National teams will have equivalent abilities and experience.
  • What if my player is attached to last year's coach? This is understandable! But players grow and change every year. Often, half of last year's team has to move to a different age/weight group. Coaches also move to different weight classes. A different coach will bring out different abilities and offer new opportunities. This is an instructional and developmental football league, and having a new coach is like having a new teacher at school.
  • What if my player is moved from one team to another? When we move individual players in the pre-season, the move gives them a chance to play more and possibly try a different position. Players should always feel wanted and welcomed. No player should ever feel like he or she has been moved to a different team because of poor performance.
  • It's good when a new coach is interested in helping your player develop skills. Get to know the coach, and help your player make a happy adjustment.
  • Age/weight categories
    Age/weight categories for FCYFL are Anklebiters (the youngest players, who must be 7 years old by October 1), 75-pound, 85-pound, 95-pound, 110-pound, 125-pound, and 150-pound. FCYFL players must be 7 to 16 years old as of October 1. Each age/weight category has specific ranges for the age and weight of players. For details, select "Links" and select "FCYFL Weigh-In Information."
    Forming teams
    The Lee Franconia Wolverines follow all of the rules of the Fairfax County Youth Football League in forming teams. FCYFL has a minimum and maximum number of players who can play in a game. In a typical year, we have enough players to form two or more teams in several age/weight categories (for example, we might have two teams of 85-pound players). As more players register, we sometimes have the opportunity to form an additional team in that age/weight class. Coaches and commissioners follow established guidelines for assigning players. Players adjust quickly, and usually they get more time on the field. This only stands to reason: A player on a team of 16 players will have more playing time than a player on a team of 22.
  • Player Participation
    Wolverines don't sit on the bench! In most age/weight categories and divisions, every player in uniform must play in every game. (The exception to this rule is in the American Division, which consists of the most experienced players. At the American level, coaches have greater discretion about assigning players more or less time on the field.) Wolverine coaches follow player participation rules of the Fairfax County Youth Football League.
  • Divisions
    FCYFL has the following divisions for each age/weight category above the Anklebiter level: National (for the newest players); Central (for players with average levels of experience); and American (for the most experienced players). The Anklebiter level does not have skill-based divisions.
    For complete FCYFL regulations, select the "Links" menu item and click Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL).