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Wolverine Camp and pre-season practice take place Monday through Friday, 6 to 8 pm. This schedule is in effect from late July until Labor Day.


After Labor Day, each head coach establishes a practice schedule for his or her specific team (for example, the 80-pound National team or 100-pound Central team). Practice usually takes place on three weekday evenings, and FCYFL games are usually played on the weekend. Practice times and locations may vary, depending on the needs of each team, availability of fields, opportunities to scrimmage within LFFL or against other clubs, etc.

  • Stay in frequent contact with your player's current coach. All players practice with several different coaches between the start of Wolverine Camp and the start of football season.
  • Many of our young players do not remember their practice and game schedule, or sometimes even the coach's name. Parents and coaches are responsible for communication.
  • Players must arrive promptly for practice, and must bring their football gear and a bottle of water.
  • A player without gear will not be allowed to practice.
  • Experienced players store football gear together in a consistent place, and launder dirty football uniforms immediately after wearing.
  • Attendance is extremely important. If your player must be absent, please notify the coach immediately.


  • Check your messages every afternoon on practice days! Fairfax County posts any field closures around 3 pm weekdays. Your coach or team parent should notify you of any changes, so watch for messages!
  • Because football is played in many kinds of weather, we practice in many kinds of weather. But safety is our first concern. LFFL will cancel practice immediately if the weather becomes threatening
  • We strictly observe Fairfax County Youth Football League safety rules governing practice in hot weather or poor air quality. We may alter or cancel practice if air quality is unhealthy.
  • Whenever possible, we will post cancelations or changes on our home page.