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Many families buy a football for players to use in their free time. Be sure to buy the same type of ball that the player’s team uses at practices and in games, and write the player’s name on the ball with indelible marker. FCYFL teams use the following types of footballs:

Anklebiters, 80 and 90 LB K2
100 LB TDJ
115 and 130 LB TDY
155 LB NFHS High School,
Collegiate or NFL



Every player needs proper football gear to practice and play football. Lee Franconia provides some gear for every player to use throughout the season. Football uniforms and equipment belong to Lee Franconia, and they must be returned at the end of football season. Why? It costs hundreds of dollars to dress out each player. We do not ask families to pay for costly uniforms and equipment, which players quickly outgrow anyway. For our club to be financially sound, we need keep a stock of uniforms and equipment, which we clean and recondition after the season, replacing when necessary.

  • Players keep their camp T-shirts, game socks, and mouth guards.
  • All other items provided by Lee Franconia (game pants and jerseys, 7-piece pad sets, helmets, shoulder pads, chin straps, etc.) must be returned to Lee Franconia immediately after the player's final game.
  • We permit players to buy their team jerseys at the end of the season. Some teams choose to have players' names put on jerseys during the season. The entire team must agree to this decision, and each family must pay for the jersey and lettering before any jersey is lettered. Parents are responsible for participating in this decision.
  • Some teams show their support of breast cancer research during October, by purchasing and wearing pink socks, wrist bands, or other official Breast Cancer Awareness items. Parents are responsible for participating in this decision.


Just starting at Wolverine Camp? Every player will receive a camp T-shirt upon weighing in. Wear a supporter and cup, shorts, football socks, and football cleats (see details below). Always bring a sports bottle filled with ice water.



  • Clothing: cup and strap, T-shirt, shorts, socks
  • Football cleats
  • Football practice pants with 7-pad set
  • Lee Franconia helmet with chin strap and mouth guard
  • Practice jersey
  • Lee Franconia shoulder pads
  • Sport bottle filled with water (and ice in warm weather)



  • Clothing: cup and strap, T-shirt, shorts
  • Lee Franconia socks
  • Football cleats
  • Lee Franconia uniform pants with 7-pad set
  • Lee Franconia helmet with chin strap and mouth guard
  • Lee Franconia game jersey
  • Lee Franconia shoulder pads
  • Sport bottle (large) filled with water (and ice in warm weather)



Some players choose to wear helmet liners, goggles or helmet visors, gloves, arm or elbow pads, rib protectors, cowboy collars, etc. Before buying, check with your coach to be sure that extra equipment will not restrict a player’s movement or vision, thus creating a new problem instead of solving one.

Pay attention to weather forecasts and field conditions. Many families keep rain ponchos, blankets, towels, and extra clothing in their cars.



  • HELMET WITH FACE MASK. Provided by Lee Franconia for use at practices and games. To fit every player, LFFL stocks football helmets from several manufacturers in a variety of sizes. The helmet should fit snugly. It takes a couple of weeks for new players to get used to wearing a helmet. See your coach if your player is experiencing pain, or tilting his or her head.
  • JAW PADS. Lee Franconia provides jaw pads in several thicknesses. These C-shaped pads snap into the helmet.
  • CHIN STRAP. Lee Franconia provides chin straps. The strap should be adjusted for a snug, comfortable fit against the player’s chin. Four snaps attach the device to the helmet. The long ends of the straps should be trimmed to avoid injury to other players. Safety note: Players must NOT adjust chin straps so that they can pull helmets off without unsnapping the strap.
  • MOUTH GUARD. Families should buy a mouth guard that attaches to the helmet. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for boiling and fitting the mouth guard. After each game or practice, clean the mouth guard and reattach it to the helmet. Many families keep a spare mouth guard in the car.
  • T-SHIRT AND SHORTS. FCYFL rules state that all players must wear a T-shirt and shorts under their football uniforms, in case the team must practice without pads and helmet (due to hot weather or for other reasons). Lee Franconia gives a short-sleeved T-shirt to every Wolverine Camp participant. During football season, long sleeves keep the arms warm and also protect against cuts and scrapes.
  • CUP AND SUPPORTER. Players are strongly urged to wear a properly fitted athletic cup and supporter to all practices and games.
  • FOOTBALL PANTS WITH 7-PAD SET. Football pants with pads should fit snugly. Families must provide practice pants. Lee Franconia provides team pants for game use only. Players may use pads provided by Lee Franconia in their practice pants, but they will need to move the pads to their Wolverine game pants before each game. Some football practice pants have the pads permanently sewn inside. Others have loops, snaps, and pockets to hold pads. Make sure that your player’s pads and practice pants are designed to work together!
  • SOCKS. LFFL supplies game socks. Players should have additional football socks to wear at practice. Socks should be clean and in good condition, and should fit comfortably. Long socks protect players from cuts and scrapes.
  • CLEATS. Buy football cleats that are appropriate for play on grass and turf. Avoid buying low-tops; 3/4 cleats give important ankle protection. Look for molded rubber-based football cleats. Do not buy molded plastic cleats or any kind of screw-on cleats; these can cause players to slip on some playing surfaces. Each player needs to wear football cleats in the correct size. Have your player wear football socks while trying on cleats.
  • JERSEY. The practice jersey must be large enough to accommodate shoulder pads. Mesh jerseys are a favorite. Many players buy old Lee Franconia game jerseys to wear at practice. The current year's Lee Franconia team jerseys are worn only on game days. The number indicates the player’s position.
  • SHOULDER PADS. Provided by Lee Franconia for use at practices and games. Be sure to lace and buckle the shoulder pads snugly.
  • WATER BOTTLE. Each player should have a sport bottle that can be squeezed to squirt water into the player’s mouth while the helmet is on. (Squeeze bottles also help keep germs at bay.) A football player’s body temperature rises when the player wears full gear, especially in warm weather and when playing on artificial turf.