San Diego District Hockey League offers High School and Middle School Ice hockey.

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If you have read about the history and philosophy of District Hockey, then you know that one of our aims is to empower families in each district to manage and advocate for their team. The primary way you can become involved in your district is by being a good community member. Every team and every district needs families who will support their coaches, encourage their teammates, display good sportsmanship in the stands, and be friendly to other members of the community. Whether it be through driving carpools, helping the coach, getting together after games or practices, or just being a supportive voice on your team, all members of your district community contribute to its success.

In addition to being a friendly, supportive community member, you can also advocate for your district by seeking external sponsorship from local businesses, by seeking support from your school or school district, or by volunteering for District programs. Below is a brief description of other ways you can get involved.

District Representatives

District representatives are primarily responsible for advocating for their team in their local community by seeking sponsorships from local businesses. In this way, they help reduce the financial burden placed on hockey families in their area. District representatives also work closely with other people in their district to manage their team. Such management tasks may include, for example, deciding where to practice, recruiting players, and planning team activities. Click here For more information about becoming a district representative, or for more information about how to get started advocating for your district.

School Representatives

School representatives act as liaisons between District Hockey and schools or school districts. By working with schools, these representatives are primarily responsible for raising awareness and recruit new players to the sport. Click here for information about becoming a school representative, or for more information about how to get started advocating for your district in the local schools.

Learn-to-Play Volunteers

Several times during the year, District Hockey offers six-week Learn-to-Play classes for kids who are just getting into the sport. These classes are free and gear is provided. We are always seeking experienced hockey players who are willing to volunteer to teach or help out at these classes. We also encourage current youth players who are interested to come and help out. It is a great opportunity for them to experience what it is like to help others learn the sport that they love. Click Here if you would like to volunteer.

Tournament Volunteers

Periodically we host adult and youth hockey tournaments. As these events are scheduled, we will be in need of a few volunteers to run tables or to help organize. Please contact us if you are interested in helping with these events.