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Lee Franconia Football League (LFFL) follows the eligibility rules of our parent league, Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL). Here's a brief rundown of requirements to be a Wolverine:

WHO: Boys and girls
AGE: 6 to 16 years old as of October 1 of the football season
WEIGHT: Must fall within FCYFL guidelines for the player's age
RESIDENCE: Fairfax County (unless a boundary waiver is approved)
DISQUALIFICATION: Must NOT be on the roster of any high school football team

For complete FCYFL rules, click here or download from the "Important Handouts" tab.


Every football player needs a current photo ID card (aka "walker ID") issued by the Virginia DMV. It takes UP TO FIFTEEN (15) DAYS for an ID to arrive. LFFL players are encouraged to get theirs no later than Mid Aug.

Why do you need to know this? At the official weigh-in sessions held by the Fairfax County Youth Football League, every player must present a current photo ID issued by the Virginia DMV. FCYFL accepts only the Virginia DMV child ID card, learner's permit, or driver's license. Visit the DMV website here for information on obtaining an ID card.

In 2009, the DMV changed its procedures for issuing all ID cards--for drivers and non-drivers. ID cards are produced at a central site and mailed to home addresses.

Most of our players are too young to drive. They will need a child ID card (also called a "walker ID") from the DMV. Parents should accompany the player to the DMV, bringing acceptable proof of the child’s identity, and fill out an application for a photo ID. The DMV will review the application and take the player's photo. The ID card will then be MAILED. Again, this could take up to 15 days.

If your child already has a photo ID from the Virginia DMV, double-check the expiration date, and get a new card if necessary. For complete information about getting ID cards from the Commonwealth of Virginia DMV, visit their website. You can get there from our "Links" page.

What if you don't receive the player's ID card in time for the main weigh-in? FCYFL charges a fee to attend late weigh-ins; however, late weigh-ins are not as crowded as the main weigh-in.


Every Lee Franconia Wolverine player will be UNOFFICIALLY weighed at the registration table during camp or pre-season practice to determine placement on a team. To compete in the football season, all players must also attend an OFFICIAL FCYFL weigh-in at Falls Church High School.  The first and only free weigh-in will take place on Saturday, August  at Falls Church High School. The address is 7521 Jaguar Trail, Falls Church, VA.


Weigh-in #1 - FREE, Saturday, Aug ,2016- Falls Church High School
Weigh-in #2 - $20, Saturday, Aug ,2016-same
Weigh-in #3 - $20, Saturday, Aug ,2016- same
Weigh-in #4    TBD


EACH TEAM WILL COORDINATE CARPOOLS TO THE WEIGH-IN. Share rides and save time! Parking is scarce, and tow trucks and police are there to prevent illegal parking. All coaches and players must arrive promptly, and also prepare to wait outdoors before players are weighed.

Clothing. Players should dress for the weather; clothing should include shorts or swimsuit, T-shirt, and shoes. Players may NOT wear shorts with big pockets, OR strip to their underwear, to weigh in.

FCYFL weighs about five thousand (5,000) players at the main weigh-in, which is held in mid-August. This can be a long day, although FCYFL works very hard to keep things moving. Ask your player's head coach what your player should bring: water, sun screen, hat, sunglasses, etc.

Keeping track of player weight. Teams benefit from knowing every player’s official weight as early as possible. Players who are too heavy or light will have to move to another age/weight category—and they may not be eligible to play at all. Roster changes can damage a team’s ability to compete. Also, if a team loses a player or two, it might not have the minimum number of players required to play in FCYFL games.

Every year, some players are “on the edge” of being too heavy or too light to remain with their team. LFFL encourages parents and players to develop a good program of nutrition and exercise, to help these players reach and maintain a healthy weight. Football provides a great opportunity for youngsters to develop healthy habits.

If a player is on the heavy side, it is easier and safer to start managing weight early and lose pounds slowly—no more than two pounds a week. Make sure your player is active all year round. Our two-week Wolverine Camp helps players with their physical conditioning. To keep track of weight, Lee Franconia officials carry a scale to registration, camp sessions, and practice.

Visit the FCYFL website for complete details about age/weight requirements, and divisions. You can get there by clicking here.

Weigh-in FAQs:

What's an "official weigh-in"? The official weigh-in clears the player to play in league-wide games against the other 23 FCYFL member clubs. This is for reasons of fairness and safety. Each season, a few teams are challenged if a player appears to be too old or too big to play in a specific age/weight class. If FCYFL finds that a team is fielding players who are not eligible to play, that team will forfeit a win and may face other disciplinary action.

But you already weighed my player... Yes. Lee Franconia weighs players at registration and throughout camp and pre-season. We do this to help us assign them to the correct team. We build teams on the basis of age, weight, experience, and skills (among other factors). The official FCYFL weigh-in governs all member clubs, not just the LFFL Wolverines.

Can my player practice without going to an official weigh-in? Yes. However, the player must attend an official FCYFL weigh-in before competing in a game against another FCYFL club.

What if my player is too heavy to weigh in on a particular date? The player can continue to lose weight for another week or more, and weigh in at a later date. FCYFL charges a fee to attend late weigh-ins; however, late weigh-ins are not as crowded as the main weigh-in.