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Roster Form Excel Version


System Requirements:

MicroSoft Office Xcel 2007 or later. Most users will already have this installed.


Instructions for the Roster Form Excel version

  1. IMPORTANT: Do not fill in the form after opening. You must first save the file to your computer with a new name.
  1.  Click the link below to access the Roster Form
  • Select "Save  As"
  • Type in a  "File name"  using the following format: COUNTY_PARISH_TEAM_COACHLASTNAME.  (Example:Westchester_St.JosephWhitePlains_6GradeBoysA_McGovern).
  • Click Save. (Note, the file will go into your "Downloads" folder, unless you specify a different folder to use.) 
  • Depending on your browser, you may need to press "Open" at the bottom of the screen to open the file after saving.
  •  If the file opens in "Protected View", just click "Enable Editing" on the top row.
  •  Make sure you are working in the newly named file, the name displays at the top center in Excel.            
  1. Click on the "Example" tab in the Excel Form to review the data and format required.  

  2. Click on the "Type in Roster"  tab, type in all requested information and save the roster file.  

  3.  After you have saved the file, exit the file, attach the file to an email, and send to




If you have questions or need help submitting the form, please contact:

Seth Peloso