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Roster Form PDF Version


System Requirements:

Windows Users:

You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The document won’t open unless you have it. It is highly likely that you already have it on your computer. Here is the link for Windows version of Adobe:

Mac Users:

Macs generally come with an “Apple PDF Viewer” instead of Adobe   PLEASE DON’T use the Apple Viewer. Make sure Adobe Reader is installed on your Mac. There is some chance you may already have it installed. Here is the link to get the Mac version of Adobe:


Instructions for the Roster Form PDF version:

  1. If you used this Roster Form last year, and saved it, you may update it for this season, save it, and skip to Step 7.

  2. If you need a new copy of the form, read these instructions. 

  3. IMPORTANT:  Do not fill in the form or press Submit after opening the file. You must first save the file to your computer with a new name, close the browser, and then reopen the file on your computer.  

  4. If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser:

  • Click the link below to access the Roster Form.         
  • Click "File"  in the upper left corner.
  • Click "Save As" on the drop down menu.
  • Type in a new "File name:"  using the following format: COUNTY_PARISH_TEAM_COACHLASTNAME.  (Example:Westchester_St.JosephWhitePlains_6GradeBoysA_McGovern).
  • Click Save.
  • Close your current browser session.  
  1. If you are using another web browser, like Firefox or Chrome, after clicking the link below to access the form, locate the download or save button, save the file using the following format: COUNTY_PARISH_TEAM_COACHLASTNAME, and close the browser. 
  1. Locate the roster file on your computer and click to open it.  
  1. Type in all requested information and save the file.
  1. After you have saved the file, there are two ways to submit it:
  •  Attach the file to an email and send to
  • Locate the file on your computer, open it, click on “Submit Form” on the top right corner of the form, and follow the prompts to  select  your email system.




If you have questions or need help submitting the form, please contact:

Seth Peloso