South County Sports Club promotes youth athletic excellence, provide access to sports in southern Fairfax County (Virginia) for area youth to improve the lives of young players.
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After School Program
South County Sports Club (SCSC) wants to be a part of your community! Please contact us today to discuss our athletic curriculum programs. We look forward to sharing with you our afterschool educational activities for partnering with local schools.

SCSC proven athletic curriculum for boys and girls of all skill levels puts stress on character development, leadership, sportsmanship, and good citizenship. Our philosophy of discipline and dedication guarantees participants' improvement in all aspects of the sporting activities.

For general inquiries contact:

Frequently Asked Questions
When can our school run a SCSC afterschool program?
SCSC runs fall, winter and spring sessions for a period of 4-12 weeks. Each program is one hour in length once a week after school. Your school chooses the start time of the program and the weeks that the program will run.

What programs are offered by SCSC?
For a complete list of the programs we offer, contact our Sports Director.

What is the minimum and maximum enrollment for each program?
This depends on a variety of factors, mainly what type of space is available. Our minimum enrollment for each program is 10 kids, and our maximum is around 30. If there is ample space, we may be able to accommodate more than 30 participants.

How many programs can our school sign up for?
Depending on what space is available during the week, you can sign up for as many as you wish! If you want a program and you have the space, SCSC can accommodate your needs.

Does SCSC separate the participants by grade level?
Yes. SCSC separates the groups into KG - 2nd and 3rd - 5th grades, or 1st - 3rd and 4th - 6th grades. SCSC can also provide a class just for the Kindergarten students.

Does our school need to provide parent/teacher volunteers?
No. SCSC provides the Instructor/s for each class.

Do your Instructors participate in a training program?
Yes. Each Instructor participates in a thorough training process conducted by SCSC's management. Background checks are also conducted upon hiring our Instructors.

Does SCSC provide information that can be given to parents and children?
Yes. We provide the school with copies of our brochure, a blurb for the newsletter/brochure, and flyers describing what programs are available.

Our school already has after school programs with Parks and Rec, SACC, and general after care. Can we still schedule an SCSC program?
Yes! We run our programs anywhere from the gym, to a field, blacktop, cafeteria, and even classrooms. The Sports Director in your area will help you decide the appropriate space for the class you want to offer.

Does SCSC offer any camps during the summer?
Yes. For a complete list of our summer camps, visit our website

What are some other services that SCSC offers?
Contact your areas Sports Director  to learn about our Leagues, Clinics, and Tournament Programs. If you have a youth athletic activity you would like to see offered, please let us know your thoughts and we will try to accommodate.