Growing the game of lacrosse in NYC one ball at a time since 1996

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Code of Conduct
At all practices, games, and tournaments/events, the players, coaches and parents must conduct themselves according our Doc’s code of conduct (modeled after the Positive Coaching Alliance) as follows:

  • Continuously show “acts of respect” for our own coaches and our fellow teammates, regardless of differences in ability on the playing field.  Anything less (inclusive of bullying) will not be tolerated. 
  • Parents sit on opposite side of the field from player benches; cheer positively for all teams and plays (or stay silent; no “coaching” kids from your sideline); after the game, allow the coaches to wrap up with the team (parents can be invited to the wrap up if coaches want to include them).
  • Doc’s NYC Lacrosse as a program (players, coaches, and parents) will show “acts of respect” for the other team, their coaches, their parents, the facilities and field where the game is played, and the officials/referees.  If the game or the calls do not go our way, only the coaches can question the officials (in a positive and respectful manner). 
  • After the final whistle of each game, we congratulate Our Goalie, line up with Our Coaches (goalie is first in line), and shake hands with the other team and their coaches.  Positive language or stay silent.  There is no trash talking before, during, or after games ever.  Players wear full equipment at all times, including during the handshake line and cannot take it off until the coaches allow this during the team wrap up.      
  • We accept all outcomes (win or lose), learn from them, shake hands, and move on. 
  • We have our own standards and we do not lower them, regardless of how the opponents (players, coaches, and parents) behave. 
  • Behavior below these standards could result in suspension or immediate dismissal from the Doc’s program at the discretion of the Directors.

Finally, everything we do must strive toward our ultimate goal:  honor the game of lacrosse.