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Founders Girls Lacrosse recognizes there are circumstances that cause a game to be cancelled. Rescheduling games is difficult in an eight game season and every effort should be made to play the game when originally scheduled. Games should only be cancelled as a last result due to player safety considerations.

Here are guidelines on the processes and responsibilities of coaches in those circumstances.

  • Reason to cancel a game:  Unplayable/Unsafe Field Conditions, Thunder and Lightning, or some other dangerous condition.
  • Games should be played under the following circumstances: light rain, wind, or generally unpleasant spring weather, low player turn out, or other such circumstances.

Game Cancellation Process:

  • If the field is not playable, the home team is responsible for contacting the opposing team and officials no later than 2 hours before game time. Note: please avoid closing the field on your Town or FGLL website.  Setting the field to “closed” will cause the system to send cancellation notices to all coaches, players and refs scheduled to play on that field that day.
  • The Two-Hour Window: If a game is cancelled (and the officials are notified) more than two hours before game time, the home team does not need to pay officials. If cancelled less than 2 hours before game time, officials will be paid.

Rescheduling Process:

Reschedulng is the mutual responsibility of both teams. If a mutually agreeable time and location is reaching, the home team completes the following form:

The League Scheduler will notify the referee assigner of the request. The requested new date must allow ample time (minmum 5 days) to secure officials.