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SBLA Spring League - Practice Schedule

Daily Schedule:
  1. Warm ups
  2. Partner Passing  (10s)
  3. Square  “Hot Potato” Passing (Around perimeter with whistle, otherwise random)
  4. 4 Man 2 Ball  (10s – Right, Left, ground balls; switching after each 10)
  5. Week Concepts

Alternate Daily Schedule:
  1. Warm Up
  2. Partner Passing/GBs on the run.
  3. Week Concepts

Practice Concepts - Schedule by Week
Week 1
Catching and throwing
Week 2
a) Catching and throwing
b) Ground Balls
Week 3
a) Offensive
b) Defense
Week 4
Fast Breaks
Week 5
a) Dodges and  Intro to 3-2-1 Formation
b) Scrimmage
Week 6
a) Defense Positioning, one on one
b) Defense Team, sliding

Week 7
a) Offensive Formation 3-2-1
b) 3-2-1 triangle rotation, scrimmage

Week 8
a) Fast Breaks
b) Clearing, scrimmage

Week 9
a) Find your Man
b) Dodge, Dump, Re-dodge 

Week 10
a) Rest Day

Week 11
a) Dodging-Four spot 1v1s
b) Ojai MS game