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Practice or Game canceled due to bad weather?
Due to the play/no play conditions of soccer versus other sports programs within the Village of Orland Park, the OPSC has been given the authority to cancel practices/games based upon the field conditions at the Centennial Park Complex by an OPSC representative. 

As these are Village of Orland Park resources and we are appreciative of their availability, any decision made by the Village of Orland Park will be communicated to the members of the OPSC via this web site and subsequent email notices.  


Please refer to the Village of Orland Park Recreation and Parks Department Park Directory

 and search on the keyword "lightning" for specific safety information on inclement weather procedures.

Note to Recreational Parents and Coaches:
Cachey, Centennial and Schussler Parks are equipped with lightning detection devices.  When the devices detect lightning in the area, EVERYONE is required to vacate the fields immediately and seek shelter as described in the above link. The strobe on the devices will continue to flash until the "All Clear" is given, designated by 3 short blasts. 

While the lightning detectors are provided as a cautionary measure, there is no substitute for common sense.  If you see lightning at a game, communicate that to the referee. If you are at a practice or game, get off of the field and follow the Village's guidelines for seeking shelter.

Please be aware that soccer is played in the rain.  An attending referee is responsible for making the play/no play decision for all games. Teams that do not show for a game that has not been canceled by a referee or the OPSC will result in a forfeit if one of the teams are in attendance. In addition, if a game in the earlier part of the day is canceled, do not assume that all games are canceled for that day.

We will do our best to communicate cancelations to our membership no later than 30 minutes prior to an event when dangerous weather is expected/experienced.  

OPSC Board of Directors